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Thread: Redoing my Computer

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    Redoing my Computer

    Hello everyone,how are yall doing,Its been awhile since i have posted something,Just been really busy,But it is time to redo my computer.I have a very old AT style Full tower,That i modded into a ATX style tower,the paint on it got all missed up and all my wiring management was not good,So i want to redo everything,I got the tower all painted and the wiring all done,just got to sand and paint the pannels.The colors of my theme is kelly green and gloss black.I have to redo the front pannel,and the windows,here are some before and after pictures.Tell me what yall think and tell me what else i can do to makes things better.It will take alittle while to finish everything,I am working 6 days a week right now,so when i get home i am so tired,I only have sun. off



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    Redoing my Computer


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    Redoing my Computer

    Looking good and thanks for the sharing with us. Are you going to give it a spray of clear coat? If so what type of shine are you going to be using on it? Happy Modding to ya.

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    Redoing my Computer

    Whoa, awesome

    and haha, TT UFO
    really liked that fan (except the little LEDs that were really annoying.. lol)

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    Redoing my Computer

    thanks guys,The inside i am not going to clear the inside but the outside I will put a clear coat with the gloss black.I still need to paint the pannels,redo the bondo and then put it all back together and with my only having sun to work on it,it will take alittle while.But i will keep yall updated on everything.


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    Redoing my Computer

    Then we'll wait patiently for the next update. Yeah right, Happy Modding to ya.

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