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    Custom Case Question

    Hello everyone, Locust here.
    I have a business as some of you may know. I am young but truthfully mature for my age. I have been busy getting the name tradenamed, working on getting some advertising going and getting clients. The business I have going makes gaming computers *starting at about 699* for people that are interested in quality computers. Now, I have been thinking of what I need to have, basics and what WOW factors I will need. One thing I have come across is that I will need my own company computer case, sometime down the line. My problem? I have no idea where to find somone that would be able to make these somewhat in mass.

    If anyone knows anyone that could make pc cases like this:

    *From voodoo pcs.*

    Please let them know about me, or vise versa, let me know about them. If you could leave any contact info that would be great. If not, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on my startup business.

    Locust *gaming name is now Hades btw*

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    Custom Case Question

    I say just stick with a decent computer case from off of newegg or where-ever you want to get them from, I say this because building your own computer case will just end up costing a lot of money, especially when tools break and the person/people that make's the case get hurt.

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    Custom Case Question

    I will have to do that for now, however, what I'm saying is as my business grows, I will need a computer case that makes us unique. What I am looking for is somone to talk to that would be capable of mass producing this kind of a case. *Not mass producing now.*

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    Custom Case Question

    Well other than contacting some company that makes cheap yet decent cases, you can try asking a local College or University that has a machine shop if they could make them for you, you can also have it so that way someone can build the cases when they are needed if you choose do it like that i could probably build them myself

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    Custom Case Question

    it takes wayy to much work to make them cases in a shop. Plus after a certain point, demand will be too much to handle. Cases are pretty hard to make, considering all the bends and paint youll need. Maybe try contacting a case company to see if they could build a case for you if you design the specs?

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    Custom Case Question

    Yeah, I'll have to end up contacting some case company. Any suggestions? I was thinking lian li, I know they'll charge quiet a bit though.


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    Custom Case Question

    I swear by antec cases, And they arent that expensive either. Ive used a few aspire cases and they've seemed to work pretty good. and other than that, Thermaltake and Lian-Li. Although I dont know how well Thermaltake's cases perform. But Ive heard great stuff about em.

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    Custom Case Question

    For the upside down mobo case,Lian Li or Silverstone
    Silverstone is cheaper and the temjin(I think that's the name ) looks pretty close to the voodoo

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