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    Best place

    Were is the best place to get a full pc setup for under £250

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    Best place

    I really doubt you can find a full pc set up for that cost, at least anything really worth the money.

    But if your desperate try a computer repair center, ebay, a pawn shop, however good luck finding anything that works properly thru those. I'd say save up for a bit

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    Best place

    Here you go.

    Right now the dollar is in the toilet compared to the euro so 250 euros would equal about 386.17500 U.S. dollars.

    That computer is only 254. Your not gonna find a gaming rig for 250.

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    Best place

    nova.... all those extra digits confused me. I thought you had gone bonkers and were saying something along the lines of 38 million.

    250 pounds (apparently about 400 US dollars) is going to get you something to run linux on (decently). windows itself is going to take up most of your budget.

    Im not sure where you are (USA, Britain, etc.), but you might try or the equivalent.

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    Best place

    lol I didn't mean to confuse anyone.

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