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Thread: Micro Case Question

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    Micro Case Question

    Hello everyone, it's been awhile. For the few that knew me, I've been busy with school and semi-pro gaming as well as the ladies. Soo, being at a private boarding school as I am now, I have been thinking about switching my computer into a new case, a micro atx desktop case such as:

    I'm leaning towards the Silverstone just because I feel it might have more space and it's more slick looking. I do like the handle on the Thermaltake but it's not really necessary.

    My question is as follows. Would the PSU I have now (a mid sized, normal PSU, most likely an Antec, not at the computer right now) fit in it with an 8800 GTS 640 MB (The first 8800 GTS to come out)?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Micro Case Question

    i have no idea...but i would take the termaltake myself..

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    Micro Case Question

    from the looks of the pictures it looks like the PSU wouldnt even bother it, however the drive bay's seem like they would get in the way on both cases.

    One thing about newegg I dislike is that they dont have Ultra products... I'd say give the Ultra MicroFly a try Ultra's product page

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    Micro Case Question

    Ah, I completely forgot about that case. I might even be leaning towards it due to the price/I like Ultra a fair bit. I can just get it off of Tigerdirect. So, any input on the cases from anyone as far as the graphics card fitting? I also have 3 HDs but I can cut to 2 easily.

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    Micro Case Question

    Anyone else with any more input. Still haven't found out if the GFX card will fit.

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    Micro Case Question

    All three will take an 8800 gts without much hassle, and I also would lean towards the silverstone because of better quality. The 8800gts is 8.5" long, and standard atx motherboards are 9.6" deep, so as long as the case supports a standard-depth mobo and there's nothing obscuring the pci-card area, then it'll fit without problems.

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    Micro Case Question

    Thanks much for the input. I'll take your word for it as I know you've been around awhile.

    Thanks again.

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