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    Media center

    Hi guys. I managed to sort out pc, some friends of mine gave me some old parts and i fixed it. What i want to know is how do i rig my pc to my tv which is a old ish one wit a scart lead. I want to use the media center on my tv. So i can watch my films and pics and play my music. Thanks

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    Media center

    Well how old of a machine?

    If you want to watch regular, cable, or satellite TV you will need to get a TV card. They can be had for $20 or less, but you get what you pay for.

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    Media center

    I want to link my pc tower to my home tv so i can play movies off my pc to my tv its quite new my pc

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    Media center

    First of all you need to see what kind of in ports your TV has. Is it Composite only? or what? If so then you need to check what kind of video card you have. If it's a ATI card you have AVIVO which means there should be and adapter with composite out. I'm not sure if there is an Nvidia version of this or not. If not the TV tuner Card option.

    I have to say though if you have a crappy old TV it's not really going to look that great. You really need a good 720P TV at least to get a good picture with a readable font. What kind of TV do you have?

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    Media center

    Its a old tv wit scart,

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    Media center

    I'm sorry I'm not understanding you, what's "wit scart"? You happen to have the name and brand of that TV?

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    Media center

    The tv i have has a scart lead plug on it

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    Media center

    I believe you can get scart adapters for composite or s-video. I don't really know how good it's gonna look though. What size and resolution is your TV? You'd probably be better off using a monitor or LCD to view your movies honestly.

    Try this link.

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    Media center

    Your movies are going to look -- at best -- like an old VHS movie. You are better off finding an old CRT monitor for cheap.

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