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Thread: Updated Today!

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    Hey gang, I've launched the first official blog for Case Modders,

    Modding has really outgrown it's identity as a hobby and become it's own culture. You already knew this! I want to share more of this "modding culture" by reporting on mod news, projects, products aimed at you and me throughout our community. Whether you just like reading about case mods or watching videos. Think of me as the News Caster of the mod community. I think you'll really enjoy the following my blog

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    Did my first cool product entry today, check it out

    Cool Products: Bob Slay Case, 40mm UV Led Fans, and Motorized Madness!

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    Today's Case Mod Blog Entry,

    Professional Resources for Case Modders!!!

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    I appreciate ya'll checking out the blog, if you see anything "Mod related" and cool worth sharing with everybody reading the blog, just hit the SUBMIT NEWS button in the upper right hand corner, I read all of our mail

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    Germany's Mawd Gawds competed last month in German Mod Competition: “Deutsche CaseMod Meisterschaft”

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    Cool stuff the guys there are putting out. Thanks Bill.

    BTW< the Shelby Cobra is my all time Favorite and in that color too. Can't wait to see the Lian Li after it receives it's paint.

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    That was my most favorite car when it came out while I was in High School. Baddest machine around it was. I saw one the other day and it was for sale for $20,000.00. It had the 427cid badge on the side and a 351cid Windsor under the hood. It wasn't a true Shelby I found out. I felt like slapping him along side the head for what he was trying to pass off to the public and the disgrace of the Shelby name. lol Happy Modding to ya.

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    Thanks dudes, I love anything Shelby too, thats why I jumped at that color.

    Heres the CMB video promo I made for YouTube

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    Worklog Rave: Harley Davidson Computer, “Willie-G” by Romwin

    Very well planned out case mod, inside/out

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    thats a wicked looking rig nice one

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