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Thread: Updated Today!

  1. #321 Updated Today!

    I know some of you will be modding your PCs this 4th of July Holiday Weekend. If you plan to add additional or larger cooling fans, these templates and video guide may come in handy!

    Download Page is posted here

  2. #322 Updated Today!

    One of my favorite documentaries about Donkey Kong legends Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell as they participate in a tug-0f-war for the title and the exclusive claim on the Donkey Kong world record high score. Whether you like `80s arcade games or not, the story line and people are very captivating.

    Watch “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” Movie.

  3. #323 Updated Today!

    Imho, the most Epic scratch built PC ever, “Superfast”

  4. #324 Updated Today!

    I've posted a guide to adding a 140mm GPU Cooling Fan with a Hole Saw.

  5. #325 Updated Today!

    Custom Laser Cut PC Window with Modder’s Mesh!

  6. #326 Updated Today!

    Another Case Mod Guide Day! Today is Installing a 240 Steampunk Fan & Radiator grill

  7. #327 Updated Today!

    A Visit to “THRASHER2′s Mod Garage” .... Wow!

  8. #328 Updated Today!

    Got enough drills?

  9. #329 Updated Today!

    I review NZXT’s new Phantom ATX Full Tower Case. It’s loaded with lots of great features including matching color chassis, easy access panels, support for dual radiator and built-in 5 channel fan controller (20 watts per channel).

  10. #330 Updated Today!

    Chosen for Maximum PC’s 2010 Dream Machine …Past & Present DMX Issues 1999 – 2008

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