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Thread: CPU Mag Article-Dremel Dreams

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    CPU Mag Article-Dremel Dreams

    Well I am not sure if any of you knew it or not but I wrote a 6 page article for CPU Magazine in last months issue (May 08). The title was Dremel Dreams- Make Your Chassis A Masterpiece.

    I am not sure if you "Register as a Guest" if you get access to the article. If not, I will see if they will allow me too put a PDF file here on the site.

    Article Link

    It was a fun and challenging task for me as they wanted 5000 words, images and links. And I had about a month to do it. All in all I thought it turned out pretty well, thanks to their great editing.... :mrgreen:

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    CPU Mag Article-Dremel Dreams

    Starts off really well :wink:

    props to you

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    CPU Mag Article-Dremel Dreams

    hrm.... *tries to remember if he read it all the way through* I remember seeing it and thinking "Hey thats AF!"

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    CPU Mag Article-Dremel Dreams

    i mostly buy max PC, and the odd CPU, this happened to be one of those rare occasions

    and boy was it a good one, great job

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