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Thread: My Rig

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    My Rig

    Hi everyone.
    Here is my mod.
    Let me know what you think.

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    My Rig

    You have a nice light show but as far as telling me what it looks like I can't say that I know. A nice well lit area to show us what it looks like will get a better result of responses than the light show. Welcome to MI the best little website on the net. Happy Modding to ya.

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    My Rig

    It looks good from what I can see, but daytime pics would be appreciated. You'll also get more of a response if you explain what you did.

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    My Rig

    just looks like some sound activated led kits to me. Not bad stuff by any means. But a start to modding nonetheless.

    something similar to this

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    My Rig

    hey i memebr looking at this!!! nice one

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    My Rig

    I have those but the ones he probably has are called Meteor Lights or something... not sure though


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