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Thread: What's the best way to mount a mobo from scratch?

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    What's the best way to mount a mobo from scratch?


    I have one of AC Ryans 5mm Acrylic Panels and I would like to mount my motherboard on it but it seems to be trickier than I expected. I'm worried about getting the brass standoffs aligned perfectly and also debating weather to try create threads directly in the acrylic or to buy some of the ContructX blocks and using those which have the brass inserts already in acrylic and then cutting squares out of the acrylic and gluing those in.

    As of now, I basically just set my motherboard on top of the acrylic and marked where the standoffs should be but I know that when I drill through there the bit will probably slip and then the hole won't be in the correct spot so I decided I'd better ask you guys for a better way to go about this. I also have some scrap aluminum I could use if that would be better and I guess I could always buy a replacement motherboard tray somewhere but anyways let me know what I should do.


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    What's the best way to mount a mobo from scratch?

    best bet would be some kind of a guide/drill press kind of arrangement, but it sounds like the ConstructX blocks might be a good route too.

    I think it was AmericanFreak that build Lucid Dream, maybe he can explain how he mounted the mobo.

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    What's the best way to mount a mobo from scratch?

    I did pretty much as you described, but I made a template of where the holes needed to be on a piece of cardboard, taped it to the plexi (Lexan in my case) and slowly drilled the holes. You want to make sure that the holes are not to small as the brass stand-off's are not made to make their own threads and will break off if you apply to much pressure, yes I did that...a couple of The hole should be just under the size of the threads, drill a few practice holes with different size drill bits and you will find the one that works the best. Also add a bit of lube to the thread of the stand off to ease the way when you screw it into the plexi to make the threads.

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    What's the best way to mount a mobo from scratch?

    I currently run a plexi mobo tray in my Ultra Sweet mod. I did mine the same as you described. Once you mark the holes, you can use a nail or center punch to make a starting point for the bit. Just lightly hit it, all your trying to do is make a small indentation in the plastic so that it allows the bit to start centered Also start the hole with the smallest drill bit you can, then move up to the proper size in stages.

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