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Thread: Need help looking for a motherboard!

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    Need help looking for a motherboard!

    I'm looking for a motherboard that's similar to the one found in the Mac Mini. Not "exact", "similar". It also needs to support Core 2 processers and not have PS/2. Both Keyboard and Mouse, not have dual ethernet ports and not have the ports stacked on top of other ports like common Motherboards. It also needs to have good graphics. It must also not have serial.

    Optional: It must also have a DVI, not "DVI and VGA" just DVI. If you can't find one then I'll settle for one that has VGA only.

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    Need help looking for a motherboard!

    Here is a link for some small mobo's. I don't know what size the mini mac uses or anything about that PC. However I do know that it is a small PC and these are small mobo's.
    Good luck with your project. Happy Modding to ya.

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