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Thread: Nearly World Famous Seizure

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    Nearly World Famous Seizure

    Wow! .. that's very cool 1500

    Heh .. Scotty! .. we need more power!

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    Nearly World Famous Seizure

    Wow! That's got to be the coolest desk I have ever seen.
    Looks like a futuristic workstation you would see on a Sci-Fi Show.
    With a desk like that, I would probably never leave the house. Incredible!

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    Nearly World Famous Seizure

    The idea of adding diffused light is that it won't fill in the areas that are already lit. It enhances the areas that aren't lit or showing much light. Aka Whitewashing.
    I've seen the difference in adding some light versus quality light and especially in subject type photos it makes a huge difference.
    You don't have to get crazy with the cost or anything, just try out a few things you might have around the house and try some different shots. You'll be able to tell in side by side comparisons which ones are better.

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    Nearly World Famous Seizure

    This is amazing. Must have taken you ages to build that. You must be proud, I would be

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    Nearly World Famous Seizure

    you dude.. disgust me to endless sickness with jealousy and shame.. that is the sweetest rig and desk i have ever set eyes upon.. my utmost respect to you and your wife for allowing such amzaing work in her home.

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    Nearly World Famous Seizure

    That is one hell of a case mod! Awesome job man!

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