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    new member here

    i just thought i would drop a friendly hello, and some of my background

    im sean "b4i7", ive been modding for four or five years now, working on completing my first major mod. i will post my log later tonight im a writer for the frontpage of The Best Case Scenario, and have been doing that for a while now.

    well...thats about it for me time to look around at all the mods you guys have around on here!


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    Wet Sanded
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    new member here

    hello! welcome to M-I. Always nice to see new people around.

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    new member here

    Hi b4.

    I thought I would take a second to say Hi as well. I just registered too, some of you may know me from the Modshop (The Desk!!!, The Coffee Table!!!). I'm working on my 3rd and possibly starting my 4th case and thought it was time I get a little more involved with the community.

    So Hi all.

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    Master Modder Tazz's Avatar
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    new member here

    Hello and Welcome to both of you. Its always great to see the community grow .

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    new member here

    Hi guys!!

    Thanks for coming to Modders-Inc to check us out.
    Please post any worklogs you may have we love looking at them!

    Stealth- good luck over at the ModShop. Making it to the final four is no easy task.

    b417 glad to hear from you and I cant wait to see your stuff.

    A question I a normally ask new members is.... how did you hear about Modders-Inc

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    new member here

    I dont really remember, I'be been just dropping by different sites and checking stuff out for quite a while now. But I think since ive been at modshop I've been dropping by a little more often.

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    new member here

    Hi guys and welcome to the best modding site on the net!!! You'll find we have a lot of friendly folks here that will not hang you for making a mistake. Instead, we use electrocution!! LOL JK Seriously though, these folks around here are the best, if they can put up with me they can put up with dang near anyone. Welcome aboard!!

    BTW, Nice Mods Stealth!!! and Can't wait to see what you have instore for us b4!!

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    new member here

    hello! XcaliburFX is so totaly right, the best moding site around!!! thought i would say "hi" anyhows, look forward to seeing your stuff guys

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    new member here

    thank you guys, ill post my log as soon as im back from the doctor

    i heard about this site when it came up in casual conversation with a modding friend of mine...we were talking about tech daddy's project deuce and i decided to come check you out

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