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Thread: Project: FutureLan

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    Project: FutureLan

    well... ive decided to start a new project while i work up some parts for a complete redesign of Catalyst Green

    this project is called Future Lan

    its base case will be a super lan boy

    the hardware listing:
    Manufacturer: Hybrid Designs
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+, 2.0GHz
    Memory: 1024MB RAM
    Hard Drive: 122 GB
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
    Monitor: SyncMaster 910N/912N/913N/915N
    Sound Card: SB X-Fi Audio [8000]
    Keyboard: Logitech G-15
    Mouse: Logitech MX-518
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2

    hardware list is from my upload on xfire

    i cant think anymore on the introduction at this point so lets get started with the log shall we?

    this case mod started off with a basic idea...just something random i whipped up in sketchup

    some of you may recognize it from the chat,asking you your thoughts on it

    for this...i got myself a new toy

    but i no longer have it due to lack of money this week :/

    outline cuts all done and holes drilled

    cuts all finished...time to file

    and this trim piece is complete, all but drilling the mounting holes

    this will be about where it will be mounted

    ive also started working on the fan grills for this case

    thats where im at now, your thoughts?

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    Project: FutureLan

    bit of a small design update

    i went ahead and made a photoshop of my etch i plan on using on this mod

    i plan on placing this along the front of the bay area near the floppy and storage bay area...

    got it printed off...

    and now comes some work..

    i know photoshop has the ability to flip images and such....but i like to do things the oldschool way :P

    one word down...

    and done..

    i plan on cutting the acrylic for this piece on tuesday morning... thats all i have for you guys now...what do you think?

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    Project: FutureLan

    thx boy 4rm oz...


    well...ive got good news and bad news...

    the bad news... ive been working for compUSA for about 2 years...and as im sure most of you know....its closin down... this past saturday i was part of the staff cuts :/

    good news is... before i was gone...i got myself a going away present

    this will be my next project after future lan

    onto the update!

    i decided to go back to working on the top window... got my outlines for cuts all drawn out and started cutting

    and all finished...just needs a bit more file work...and my acrylic panel for the window

    and with the trim piece in place...

    ive also started a small side up the garage... it hasnt really been touched since we moved into our new is a before shot of what im working on...

    im a lil over halfway through clearing it up....just a bit more and ill get you an after shot

    youre thoughts?

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    Project: FutureLan

    ok, im bout to go out and do some work on FL, thought id give you guys a quick pic of where im at with it

    ive been working on the front panel lately, gonna get a bit more done tonight, so i _should_ have a pic update tonight

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    Project: FutureLan


    well...its been a while since ive worked on FL any...this is where she stood earlier today

    i found my top duct from my P180 and thought...hey...that would look good on top of future lan
    kind of a bad angle

    top side angle

    next i cut down some L bar aluminum to make the mounts for the duct

    i then marked my placement and drilled/tapped the holes to 10-24

    first side mounted up

    and now the two L-bars are mounted to the duct

    another angle

    and sitting in its final resting place

    thats it for now...ill try to get more done tonight....but dunno how that will go

    what do you think?

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    Project: FutureLan


    ok i decided to get a bit more work done on the top duct...

    todays modding was done to the music of Rise Against

    this is where i left off yesterday

    i still have this sheet of aluminum left over from my work on catalyst green.. and i figured i need to do some trim work on FL

    i cut myself out a pattern from a box...and traced it out on the aluminum...did some cutting....drilled a couple holes and this is what i got

    all mounted up and lookin good

    bit more cutting and i had a second one

    close up

    left side mounted

    and the right

    and now some shots of it sitting on the case

    thank you guys for your really gets me motivated to work
    id also like to thank heatherkelly....if it wasnt for her pushin me to mod...i wouldnt have this update for thank you heather...for being so wonderful...

    and i always love to hear what you think...

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    Project: FutureLan

    welll...ive got a bit of a small update...

    i got some polishing done yesterday on those side pieces.... they arent quite as clear as id like....but its fine for now...i plan on having a lot of polishing in the near future

    also, for my birthday my dad got me a camera a Nikon Coolpix S550

    so here are the first shots with it

    gonna get more work done possibly tonight...lemme know what you think

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    Project: FutureLan

    yeah...its almost to where i want it....ill take by some friends and get it to a nice mirror finish


    just a small one...
    i started workin on my design for the gonna make a 1 piece cover for the inside....will look something like this..

    all layed out for the mold

    all cut to size

    ill start working on the inside part of the template later tonight possibly, after dinner :up:

    what do you guys think?

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    Project: FutureLan

    2 UPDATES IN THE SAME DAY??!? i think so!

    so i got a bit more work done on the framing of the fiberglass mold...

    got the two base supports all mounted....

    and the first side wall...

    i should be able to finish the framing up tomorrow fairly early....which means tomorrow evening ill start laying down fiber :up:

    what do you guys think?

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    Project: FutureLan


    alrighty.. as you know, ive been working away at my motherboard cover mold. i got the sore throat thing goin around and after i got better i decided to take a small break from that and focus on the back of the case a bit and get a lil practice with the fiberglass

    but first...i made a lil friend the other night

    this lil guy decided to come in and visit for a bit....

    on with the update...

    i made a flat sheet of fiber to cover the back..itll help in the future when i have a couple of other mods i need to do

    i then cut it down to near size....ill sand/file it down the rest of the way when i get the rest of the cuts drawn and done

    next thing i worked on today was cutting out the honeycomb on the rear 120mm fan

    i didnt get a pic of the finished cuts ...but its all cleaned up

    tomorrow ill try to get a full day towards this back panel

    your thoughts?

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