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Thread: Posting pictures here

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    Posting pictures here

    Hi guys, I feel like a complete idiot right now. I am finding myself unable to post pictures. Ive tried html :

    <img src=" Computer Pics/Deskwithchair.jpg">

    that bbc code stuff:


    I've even used the posting applet to let it generate the code for me

    All i see is the code! In the preview and the final post, all I'm seeing is the code! Not even a broken image. What am i doing wrong?

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    Posting pictures here

    hmmmm i tried it and it didn't work either.

    I think it is because of the broken code in the url Computer Pics/Deskwithchair.jpg the bold part being separated isn't doing right with the forums code for some reason. I think. lol

    try a pic without spaces and see if it doesn't work

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    Posting pictures here

    Lets see...

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    Posting pictures here

    Yup, there we go. Whats lame was i took out the spaces to test it even tho there would be no file there and assumed if that was it Iwould get a broken link instead of just seeing the code. And als it doesnt seem to accept any html either while it clearly says html , ON, <p> see?
    Oh well, thanks Xcaliber

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    Posting pictures here

    Np my friend, I sure like that desk! lol

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