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Thread: Mods by Stealth

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    Mods by Stealth

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    @1500w It actually is no longer a working drive. I think it worked fine for a couple weeks, then it became unreadable. I unplugged it but if I plug it back in it still spins up, and occationally the arm clicks a little bit. I knew from the begginning it would be a purly asthetic addition though, I have little use for a 4gb drive.

    As for the desk mounts that was pretty easy. I cut a piece from another old case similar to the way i did the coffee table. The whole project was done before I even knew about modding and work logs and what not. Everythin inside the component area is pretty simple. I just wanted to make it so that It would have no limits as to what sort of hardware I would want to put in. I think right now its on its 3rd generation motherboard/cpu, and as it's my main computer I'm sure It will see more.

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    Mods by Stealth

    With the way computers, technology and schools are changing it wouldn't surprise me if something like your Coffee Table replaced the standard school desk within 5 years.

    Nice job on your posted mods as they look great!


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    Mods by Stealth

    I agree with everyone on your projects. They are fantastic. Plus I would like at this time to welcome you to MI. I think you will find that it has a great bunch of members. Congrats on your win at ModShop. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Mods by Stealth

    Looks like we are finding ourselves in good company. Did you see this one? The furniture industry won't know what hit them! Maybe Lazy Boy will extend their line to include Grand Theft Auto Boy.

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    Mods by Stealth

    Wow, I'm impressed. The desk is beautiful. I never get any work done looking at all the cool stuff inside.

    Love your stuff, keep it up.

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