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Thread: Drivers question.

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    Drivers question.

    Hello everyone,
    I should be getting my new SFF case, motherboard, and cpu cooler in the mail tomorrow. I am rebuilding my PC into a SFF case keeping all the parts but the cooler and the motherboard. So, I will have to install the new motherboard drivers. How do I go about uninstalling the old drivers without screwing up xp?

    Thanks =)


    Would I just go into device manager and uninstall the network adapters before installing the new mobo/new LAN drivers? I have a soundcard so I'm not using hte audio drivers on the mobo.

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    Drivers question.

    Ugh I've tried that once - changed the HDD to an older machine when I upgraded my HDD - but I gave up. I ended up reforamtting the disk
    I've tried to uninstall the rivers and all but I was getting constant errors at installatioons, winamp would crash because of unsupported sound driver or something.. I won't even bother mentioning the barely-working LAN on that machine..

    Maybe somebody else has a completely different opinion but.. I know that if I change the mobo, I'll reformat

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    Drivers question.

    Damn, that's not good news haha! Especially because I don't have a xp disk around :

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    Drivers question.

    My preference if it were me, would be a fresh install by all means. Not having an XP disk though does present a serious problem.

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    Drivers question.

    Go with Linux then :P

    Hmm yeah, I know how you feel I had the same trouble about half a year ago when I was setting up my "HTPC" (actually it's a BMPC - Bedroom Music PC lol)

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    Drivers question.

    There are ways to go about getting a copy of an XP disc providing that you do have a legit key. I will not go in to that publicly Sorry.

    If your lucky you can put the drive in your new setup and hope that the system sees it and boots to it. This does not always work! I have been lucky over the past years. I have moved drives over 5 different systems and not once removed the old mobo drivers. There are a lot of people that will tell you not to do this, so its your choice, each person is going to have different levels of success or failure with it.

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    Drivers question.

    I swapped mobo's before without changing XP with no problem. However both mobo's had the same chipset and were made by the same company. I would say try it and install the new drivers when it asks.

    Worst case scenario you'll have to reformat. Try and get your XP key before you do anything just in case. Then again a new copy of XP is only like 80 bucks. Well worth it in my opinion.

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    Drivers question.

    ye...i have also switch mobos and kept the same asus to a asus so same thing, i think its all down to the chipset, if there the same (or closely simerlar) then your all clear although a clean install would still give better reults...on a personal note anyhow..

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    Drivers question.

    I have a 50 50 success record. going from a 754 to 939 Athlon 64 to athlon 64 worked out (on win2k), but 939 Athlon 64 to AM2 5600x2 crashed and burned (vista 64). I dont know whether it was the proccessor, the motherboard, or the OS (or all three), but I had to reinstall for that setup.

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    Drivers question.

    It's a game of craps that's for sure. Do you feel lucky?

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