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Thread: Neon Wire ties (Zip Straps)

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    Neon Wire ties (Zip Straps)

    For those of us in the U.S., most K-Marts carry the GE 8" (20cm) Assorted neon Cable Ties aka zip strips which are fluorescent in color. 100 tie straps for $2.49 at our local K-Mart here in Newark, De in the electrical department. I've seen these advertised on a few websites for upwards of $6.99 a pack (100).
    And they do work quite well with UV CCFL too .

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    Neon Wire ties (Zip Straps)

    Sorry forgot the GE stock part number.


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    Neon Wire ties (Zip Straps)

    cool beans -- I got myself a standard (white red n yellow) pack of 1000 for 5 bucks the other day. Everything from the string sized all the way up to handcuff status ones. Harbor Freight is awesome.

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    Neon Wire ties (Zip Straps)

    Good deal, I won't ask what the handcuff ones are for though lol.

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    Neon Wire ties (Zip Straps)

    I meant big enough to be used as handcuffs... you know like the military uses.

    Not like they come designed for that XD

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    Neon Wire ties (Zip Straps)

    Thanks sh4rkbyt3

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