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Thread: Custom PC Branding

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    Custom PC Branding

    Hey Guys,

    I've been thinking of launching a custom branded computer line for a while now. I cant really find anything other than stickers at this point (metal, domed, or otherwise).

    As much as I would love a custom designed chassis and case I don't think its in the budget right now. I know I can throw some paint and dremel work and call a case my own, but do you have any suggestions?

    I saw a light kit mod a while ago where you can put a logo on a led illuminated square and modify the case for it to display on the from but have no idea where that link went.

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    Custom PC Branding

    I'm not sure if I am answering your question but Branding has to happen in the mind before it can take a physical form. I know that sounds crazy but brand is about meaning. don't get me wrong, Major brands have either a logo or a logotype (the difference is best discussed over a beer) but that is not necessarily what generated the brand. Let me explain using AMD, Intel, and Cyrix 486 series processors. It wasn't that long ago when you could buy a 486DX-2 66mhz processor and had a choice of the three manufactures. All were 'commodities' and all would work in the same motherboard. Something radically changed in the late 90's. That change was "Intel Inside."
    Intel Inside is not a brand but an idea. Intel started taking market share becase consumers generally didn't understand the technicals enough to know what processor they want. The one thing they could understand is they wanted that "intel" thingy "inside."
    80% market share later, the rest is history. So I ask you, what is it about your chassis that is different and better than others? How can you dominate a new category and not be an "also ran."
    Find out your position in the market and the logo will 1. present itself and 2. become a lot less significant. I hope that helps... -Thom

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    Custom PC Branding

    I'm pretty sure he wants some ideas for products to sell to customize computers with. Very true and good post though.

    Ideas.. Hmm. Easy window cutters? Cut a slab of plastic to any shape you want, special cutter runs along the case side, scoring it. Repeat (yes, I know, an extremely sharp blade) until punch is out. Comes with H lock, which runs along the punch, then that plastic piece fits in as the window. God damn I'm good. I might just have to do that myself. The customer can even send the blade attachment back for a small amount of money so you can use it again in another set after resharpening it (to keep costs down, for good measure, and as advertising it's "eco-friendly [I love that bullshit line]).

    Developing a new type of screw would be nice. I'm pretty sick of rivets and thumbscrews. Help a fellow out?

    If you can't afford to make custom cases, starting a business seems a bit out of the question - just as a heads up. Any way. Point is, supply and demand. Find something people want/have a hard time doing, and sell it/make it easier, then sell it. Good luck.

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    Custom PC Branding

    Ahh, got it. Sorry for the soap box. Best of luck.

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    Custom PC Branding

    @ 1500w:

    Thank you for your insight on the logo and branding creation. I am working on these but in the mean time I am looking at what other modifications I can make to a case to make it unique ( other than the ones I stated earlier) and develop a large list of modifications I can chose from to try to match my niche.

    @ SplitLip:

    Thanks for the great ideas, I'm sure a budding modder wouldnt mind paying a few dollars for a tool that made everything easier. I dont think retail sale of these items will be my primary focus.

    I think I may have not been clear enough about my goals.

    The reason I said a custom chassis is out of the budget was because I meant I am not at the stage where I am ready to go to a case manufacturer and have them custom design a chassis to fit my needs (example, ( Astro Studios is responsible for the Alienware case and chassis design).

    I am looking at different methods of modding a case to create a few prototypes to match my branding to.

    I know you can use a dremel to cut a hole in damn near anything, bondo to change the physical shape of a case, and vacuum mold plastic to fit whatever I may want.

    I can use vinyl dye, spray paint, airbrushing, car paint, powder coating, and decals of all sorts to change the color scheme.

    I can use LED's, cold cathodes, and micro controllers to create a wide array of color effects.

    What else would you guys love to see on a commercial case?

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    Custom PC Branding

    Wow dude. We could go anywhere on this one. I think it would be hard for us (I know it is for me) to tell you that, since that is the reason we mod our own cases. Though, to start something original you would look at scratch builds. However, if you were to draw on those ideas, you would end up with things already out there. (Project 13 and other cube cases turning into Microfly crap[literally crap in my book]).

    I think the best idea would be for you to come up with some ideas, or even better some sketchup models and/or detailed drawings and run them buy us. Personal opinion though. Take it with a grain of salt.

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    Custom PC Branding

    Good bet would be to start off with a custom window -- that doesnt show off the wonderful drive cages (either AF or Tazz's pet peeve), a graphical/text LCD, and custom cable routing would be a great start.

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    Custom PC Branding

    Modshop battles might give you some insight on what is "hot." I've been watching the rigs that get an unusual number of votes, shooting stars if you will. Liquid Metal is a great example of the some being greater than the parts. The components themselves aren't magical, its how they come together. There is inspiration everywhere. Looking forward to seeing your product. Are you going to post your sketches to MI?

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    Custom PC Branding

    Something that I have wanted to see for a while is the interior of cases not being painted machine grey. Case makers these days go to all this trouble to make windows to show off the inside, and then the inside looks like crap! Just a thought.

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    Custom PC Branding

    @ SplitLip:
    I agree those cases do suck.

    @ funisfun:
    Maybe there is a way to make those drive cages less ugly, because if you leave them out it takes 1/3 (usually) of the panel size if you plan on putting in a window.

    @ 1500w:
    Definitely planning on posting things I come up with here, might be sparse since the day job gets in the way.

    @ brightshininglights:
    I believe what you are talking about is the natural color of the sheet metal the case is made with. As far as I know they usually leave this alone for electrical grounding reasons. I know Digital Storm ( paint the inside of the case, I think they powder coat it. a similar concept is electrostatic painting, which I still have to look into.

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