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Thread: Integrated network chip AliveNF6G-DVI

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    Integrated network chip AliveNF6G-DVI

    Hi, i need to remove any chip related to networking on the AliveNF6G-DVI motherboard, any help appreciated! thanks!

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    Integrated network chip AliveNF6G-DVI

    Why do you need to remove it? Couldn't you just disable it? Removal of chips is possible but I'm not sure if it's the best idea.

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    Integrated network chip AliveNF6G-DVI

    i want the chip and to make the pc completely un-networked, i tried disabling, it didnt work. im rdy for any risk removing the chip on the motherboard if someone knows which is

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    Integrated network chip AliveNF6G-DVI

    I'm not sure. I have some friends here that work at tech places I usually go to for stuff like that. they make a chip puller but I'd have no idea if that is good to have it out of your board or not.

    Did you disable it in BIOS?

    Also. Why don't you just desolder the ethernet jack. Much easier.

    This is really a hard way to keep your kids of the net I gotta tell you. :P :lol:

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