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Thread: [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    Hi all

    Back to modding with a new victim. This time it's a NZXT Rogue, the one I've reviewed a few months ago for NOKYTECH
    Not sure about the final result, like every mods I've done, it's in improvisation mode.

    I would like to thanks sincerly....

    Noky from NOKYTECH.NET

    Joan from CRUCIAL

    Olivier from DOCMICRO.COM

    This Rogue is looking very good

    It's made with 3mm aluminium!!


    Differents views

    Transformation µATX in ATX

    The µATX mobo tray. I've decided to go with an ATX setup, some modifications needed...

    I'll need to enlarge this side...

    and this side too....

    and here too....

    After a dremel cut

    This support come from an old case.

    ok, fit in place perfectly

    Then I cuuted the old mobo tray to recover the part where the modo is in place.

    r />Adjustment of the new part

    This new tray will be positionned on the original one.

    This tray come from an old case

    after a black paint, this is the new extractible ATX mobo tray.

    The front door
    Now we attack the personnalisation of the front door with a MODDING.FR dremel cut

    beleive me, 3 mm it's very thick!

    sanded with 400 600 800 1200, I waiting for 1500 and 2000 for a better look.

    I've worked on both side doors. Same punition 3 mm!! ...

    The shape of the cut is ment to remind the shape of the logo

    This mesh is for testing only.

    ... and for showing you my cool converses

    ah and for those who don't know her let me introduce you nourchka, nounouche for her friends!

    That all for the moment

    Thanks for reading (and I know how hard it is to read my english....)


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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    whoa a fairly big update, nice one...what made you decided on that case?? just cos u reviewd it? or cos you like it?? soz jus wondering, btw going good so far :P

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    nice one... whew can't wait for your next update!

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    Great to see you again!

    Can't wait to see the final product.

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    Really good work you've done so far, and I can't wait for the final product either.

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    A small update which is not a real one, just a presentation of a part of the setup.

    The mobo is a Foxconn P35A
    The processor is a Q6600 g0
    The ram is Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 8500

    I'm searching for a new video card, if I can't find a new one I'll use my old 8800 GTS

    Mobo in da box!

    The ram arrived - Big thanks to Joan from WWW.CRUCIAL.COM

    Another part of the setup arrived too - the Q6600 G0 come from WWW.DOCMICRO.COM
    For the cooling I decided to run with NOCTUA!, I have reviewed the NH-C12P a few days ago for NOKYTECH and I have really enjoyed the test result and the look!.
    The 120 mm from NOCTUA are REALLY quiet and I decided to do a full NOCTUA cooling
    (thanks Jakob )

    Let's go with a little cut. We can't speak about "the french touch" without a frog!! here it is.
    This part will go on top of the box, better explanation in the next update....

    cya !!!

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    Looking damn good Alonso.

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    Thanks Tazz!

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    Excellent work Alonso. I keep seeing people take these Rogue's and mod them out and fitting them with full size mobo's. Makes me want one too! Looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see more.

    Nice to see you again too!!

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    [Projekt] The Rogue: 14/07 the yellow update

    hey sheldog! thanks, pleasure is for me :wink:

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