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Thread: Project black white

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    Project black white

    i was sitting down today thinking "maybe its time i really modded something without pink fur" then i looked over to my torrent box, heres it story :P well its not really much of a story, i painted half of it.........

    heres the side before i started...nice

    me sprayz0ring it with a little yellow primerz0r......z0r

    OMG it went blackZ0r!!! and shiny

    time to primer the front. wooo hooo

    give it some black, make it shiny

    Put it back togeather and wow!

    place it in its natural habitat and wow!!!

    i name it PROJECT BLACK & WHITE (z0r)

    i only did one side becase as you can see there is only one visible side, and the tops not visible either. someday i'll paint it propally ( i did do loads of coats and use primer) and add a window maybe but untill then i like it. this is my first attempt at a mod and i think its ok.......... hmmm but the main part you want to know the specs?

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    Project black white

    nice job yo

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    Project black white

    Super easy and it helped change the look alot

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    Project black white

    i'll now amaze you with the spec of this mini beast!

    HA HA the pure power

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    Project black white

    Looks better black...
    System could be a little faster lol but that depends on what you use it for not everything requires a supperfast system.

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    Project black white

    Looks good. Just vinyl dye those drive faces there and I think you'd be better off. Although some black plex over them would be cool too. :twisted:

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    Project black white

    i think that looks really sweet, even with the white drive face plates. kinda gives it a contrasting effect. keep up the good workz0r

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    Project black white

    UniqUe great work and simple...

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