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Thread: MS MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A mod

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    MS MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A mod

    Started on this after seeing and reading Krystal's article.

    I did run into a problem though, electronics as usual lol.

    The LED's (green) used to signify the F Lock and the Caps Lock buttons were removed (by me) in lieu of a pair of Radio Shack 3 watters (I believe) red. My initial reading using a meter was 2.06 dc, I assumed they would have lit even if only dimly but noooooo. Upon installation the only light that came on was the original and untouched NumLock key LED (green).

    The ones I purchased from RS were only about 1/32" - 1/64" taller but essentially the same size, these were the smallest ones they had. I tried to find a schematic for the keyboard to check on the initial voltage for the original green led's but no luck. I tried to guess and lost. Any ideas? The two removed ones (green) have since disappeared but I do still have both of the red ones.

    As you can see electronics are not yet my forte but I've got plenty of room for growth .

    I used Dupli Color Metalcast Green spray paint on the board itself. I should have put a silver or chrome base on the keyboard initially to get the metallic effect but decided to try and see just what color would develop after the clear coat. I've got to admit I like it even without the metal look after all. I didn't paint the whole keyboard since I didn't want to go through the re-lettering process but I like the end result, well all except the failed LEDs.

    I'll put some pics of it later today including the IC board (removed) with the LED left in it.

    I'm way new to understanding voltage and led stuff so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    MS MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A mod

    Did you check the orientation of the LEDs before you soldered them down? (if they are backwards, they just won't turn on regardless of power)
    Also, you can just run a multimeter to check what kind of voltage the board is supplying the LED spot.

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    MS MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A mod

    Yep I was very careful in posting them correctly from the onset (+ to + and - to -). It's printed on the board as well.

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    MS MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A mod

    oh well.. live and learn i suppose. thats why i like to dry-wire any led stuff I do, then solder after i know it works.

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    MS MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A mod

    Make sure you didn't buy ultrabright LEDs!

    Sometimes they have polarity reversed (sometimes, I know I bought a few white ones awhile ago when I tried to change them with original blue ones in a clock's backlight)

    And if they're ultrabright, they need higher voltage too (3V+ I suppose)

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    MS MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A mod

    Dry wire..... I'll definitely have to remember that.

    Dex as far as I know they weren't the ultrabrights. I have 2 of those which are square in configuration and have 4 pins instead of 2, I've not bothered with them yet.
    These (regular LEDs) came in a regular RS type clear and white baggy, I should have saved the packaging arggggg.

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    MS MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A mod

    Sorry, no ideas then

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