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Thread: DI water-Water Cooling

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    DI water-Water Cooling

    For those that water cool their PC's, if DI water in your area is costly or minimally available here's something I just remembered.

    IF there is a local reef fish club in your area you may want to strike up a little deal with them. Most reefkeepers (especially of large tanks 75 gallons plus) normally have their own RO/DI water filtration system for their tap water. You could work out a deal with the club to do either some record keeping or a discounted build for them on a computer system, etc. (input imagination here) in essence getting free DI water for your PC cooling. I recently got rid of my 90 gallon and sold off my RO/DI system or I'd offer it locally here.

    But I do know that most quality reefkeepers always use RO/DI so it may work out as another win-win.

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    DI water-Water Cooling

    yes we much prefer now to use a RO/DI water filtration system, this what my friend told me.

    Refrigerator water filter

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    DI water-Water Cooling

    That is an excellent idea and I'll do something about it at the earliest!! Like the barter system, we can do some work for them in exchange for the DI water for our computer - fair enough and as you said it is a win-win situation for both of us!! I am sure that this will be taken up by many out there who are buying their DI water for cooling their computers!! These are really cool tips that will really help us to cut down on costs!!

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