Hey all i was just view the NAS that was in a topic in this forum. Got me to thinking on a mod. I am planing on setting up my own NAS server, due to some unfortunate events lately with me erasing my only backup of some music and other files i had stored.

So I'm lookin to setting up my own nas. I know i can use FreeNAS for the software which is great. But i'm also lookin for a small foot print area. Something I can stick outta the way and it pretty much not be seen.

Would like to run SATA I/II depending on what i can get my hands on cheap. Or even EIDE/IDE. I have a couple 3.5 bay racks from some servers that i brought home from last job. I'm hoping this will give me a use for them. I know i'll need atleast power, a mobo that will do the job and a cdrom for install. Along with basic units for setup. If anyone has any tips or suggestions as to the cheapest way to this let me know.

At my disposal i have a 266Mhz pc Pentium 2, a P3 1.1ghz. One idea I had is to take a mobo, psu build my own support unit for mobo and psu. Then make a cover outta lexan or acrylic to cover mobo for keeping dirty off it as much as possible. Then just mounting the HD Racks some where close by.