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Thread: BlacX and BlacX-SE HDD Docking Stations

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    BlacX and BlacX-SE HDD Docking Stations

    Today we are going to be taking a look at a pair of Thermaltake Hard Drive Docking Stations. They are both from the BlacX model line and unfortunately they both ended up in two different reviewers hands. So we thought, why not let them both do the review? So for your reading pleasure, XcaliburFX and Tazz will be giving you a double dose today of the Thermaltake BlacX line of hard drive docking stations.

    Read the full review here.

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    BlacX and BlacX-SE HDD Docking Stations

    Sweeet! Man that big fiery "X" is the stuff! lol

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    BlacX and BlacX-SE HDD Docking Stations

    Great review guys, I hope you two will be able to make more reviews like this

    Not only that it was interesting, even a little funny at moments

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