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Thread: Spending your cash for supplies

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    Spending your cash for supplies

    Just out of curiosity has your spending on modding supplies and other hardware slowed down or stopped completely?

    There are a few reasons I ask so the info will be helpful, thanks.

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    Spending your cash for supplies

    I'd say so

    - built up a satisfactory tool collection
    -local plexi shop closed, so i havent been buying any

    i kinda went all out, got myself to a point, now i can stop and use it all

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    Spending your cash for supplies

    Space, Money, & Time. My wife has blessed the build of Seizure Too but where would I put it? So sketches, lists and research seems to be the activity right now...

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    Spending your cash for supplies the tools i need, plexi around here has rocketed....the price is stupid now, up by £10 yea its like £30 its stupid, i guess thats around $60 or sumit like that, anyway, reading reviews i do mostly now, ive got the hardware i want so im a happy chappy,

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    Spending your cash for supplies

    I really have not spent much at all since I finished my first mod "The Hardwood Dominator" a couple of months ago but as soon as I start my next rig I will be spending again but that won't be for a few months.

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    Spending your cash for supplies

    My spending has slowed considerably since it did when I first started Modding. I also mod less now than I used too. It has to do with extra money. I don't seem to have as much as I used to. Blame it on the Price of Gas/Food or my kids getting bigger. I just can't seem to get my buck to stretch as far.

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    Spending your cash for supplies

    Mine has slowed considerably due to many of the same reasons mentioned above, as well as a few more recent developments. I do however plan to continue my modding endeavors.

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    Spending your cash for supplies

    Personally, whenever I start a project, I plan for like a month, then shop for the project for like a month, then work on it until completion. So I already have 95% of the supplies for the project, and I just pick up little things (screws, rivets, extra spray paint maybe) along the way. So yeah, I'm at the point where I don't spend much money on supplies anymore.

    Other hardware? Depends. Total, I have about 18 projects, about 6 are 99% done, and about 2 are still in the buying supplies phase. Those two I still buy stuff for.. I think you mean computer hardware though. Yeah, i stopped putting money into that too. That book is long closed.

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    Spending your cash for supplies

    The local shops rarely have anything I need so I have to buy a majority of my supplies I need online.

    They do have plexi around here but its thin and cracks/scratches easily the only thing I buy from local shops are things like screws, nuts and bolts, bondo, paint and masking tape.

    With shipping prices going up I've cut back a little bit, then again I've only worked on 2 cases the NZXT may be my 3rd if I can polish some scratches out of some mirrored plexi I have.

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