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Thread: Where is M-I?

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    Where is M-I?

    Over the year(s) we have given out stickers (dang need to order more) and shirts. Other than your own M-I stuff have you seen Modders-Inc anywhere else?

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    Where is M-I?

    I myself have not but that may be because untill recently I didn't know the name and would not have paid much attention to it if I seen it so I wouldn't have remembered seeing it.

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    Where is M-I?

    CPU magazine....

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    Where is M-I?

    nope no where im in the uk....not that big over here i guess

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    Where is M-I?

    Nobody even heard of M-I here in Slovenia..

    I gave my friends 4 stickers (4 friends) so they have them on their PC cases.. And that's about it =/

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    Where is M-I?

    sadly nothing aside from my own stickers
    not surpirsed though, I'm the only 'modder' i know in RL

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