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Thread: Awesome News!!

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    Awesome News!!

    I just got an email from cpu magazine today stating that they want to feature my computer "The Hardwood Dominator" in their magazine!

    This is freakin AWESOME!

    At this point they want more photos of it and want me to fill out a questionare about it and give more info about the perks of the build etc.

    I am not sure when it will be in the mag yet but I don't care as I am just so excited!!

    On another good thought, "TheGreatSatan" once said on these forums a couple of months ago:

    __________________________________________________ _______

    "Anyone can mod with very little money. The problem is the temptation to buy a Premod and have more money for 3 video cards and the like. Far too many modders are spending craps loads of time and money on picking out primo parts and not putting the effort in a real mod. Have you seen the last CPU mag? The winner of the $1500 monthly prize went to a CM Stacker with blue lights and water cooling!!! NO MOD. What the hell is going on??"

    __________________________________________________ _______

    As to where if you look at my specs and compare them to any gaming computer, my computer pretty much sucks for hardware, so it seems that they are going for the actual modded computer again.

    In any case, I am SOOOOO HAPPY!!

    I will keep you guys posted as to how this works out and when I will be published!

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    Awesome News!!

    Congrats.... Mine are never worthy ... but my next one should be

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    Awesome News!!

    Congrats. Don't feel bad Tazz P13 wasn't good enough either! Great work vashant!!

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    Awesome News!!

    Congrats buddy!!!

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    Awesome News!!

    Super!! Another Modders-Inc member in a mag. It is the kind of habit I like seeing :-)

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    Awesome News!!

    wow congrats dude!

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    Awesome News!!

    Whoa awesome
    Great job

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    Awesome News!!

    ......." I knew Vashant when he was only a modder "

    Congrats Dude!

    Getting recognition for your work is always a great reward.

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    Awesome News!!

    Thanks every one.

    I was reading their forums about how to get your rig selected for the mag and some of the people that won were saying that it took multiple submissions of their rig and many months before they finally got selected, I got very lucky as I only contacted them a couple of weeks ago with 1 submission.

    I can't wait to frame the magazine and hang it above my computer!

    Right now I feel like a kid at christmas waiting to open his gifts.

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    Wet Sanded
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    Awesome News!!

    Yeah. Another problem along those lines is that big builds, or builds that are done in persons' spare time can take a while (me, razer, many others). After all that time, components get really outdated (my ex-top-of-the-f'ing-line X850xtpe oc'ed is basically a paperweight compared to some of the new stuff). I don't really like that, and that fact adds to my anti-commercialization argument I've posted elsewhere on here.

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