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Thread: Change 3 point switch to potentiometer

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    Change 3 point switch to potentiometer


    Ive hust bought a "Zalman Multi Fan Controller Plus Black" and i want to tap the fans in my case (Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case) into the controler.

    the case fans already have a 3 point switch on them (see below, picture taken from as i dont have the time to take one my self)

    Just wanting some opinion on weather it will be an easy soldier job or not. the fan controller only has 3 pin connectors, so ill need to source some of them.


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    Change 3 point switch to potentiometer

    Hiya and welcome to the forums

    Maybe there are resistors on a switch in the little switch thingy.. 2 different resistors or something..

    If you want a really quick solution, I suggest you to put the switch on H and solder a 10k ohm potentiometer in the red wire (cut the wire, solder the supply voltage wire on any side of the potentiometer and solder the wire that goes to the fan to the middle of the potentiometer..)

    I did that to my older case, wich I no long have, had 3 fans connected to 3 potentiometers (you don't need the yellow wire then!)

    Hope this helps..

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    Change 3 point switch to potentiometer

    Yeah -- its an easy solder job, assuming you can find the 3 pin connectors. Just leave the switch on the fans set to High, and then solder red to red and black to black on the 3 pin connectors.

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    Change 3 point switch to potentiometer

    If you want the most out of the fans though, instead of just leaving the fan's switch on high, cut it open and straight wire the fan's controller's wires. But yeah, still an easy solder job.

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