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Thread: New Clan Name

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    New Clan Name

    I was kind of forced out, due to drama, of my CoD2 clan. rather then give up on the game I want to make a clan that is 10x better then what I was in which really shouldn’t be hard.

    I think I've got everything ready to go except for one little thing. A bloody clan name. never had to make one before and now that I am it’s the hardest thing in the world to do. So I came here because I think that we have enough imagination that you all can help. I've seen some of the comp mods from you all and I know if you focus that creative thinking into a great clan name for a while I am sure that yall will come up with some awesome names.

    Note: I want a name that I can use outside of CoD2 because we also will be playing other games as we get bigger and new things come out so no war names please. Ie greenberet, 501st or anything that is related to war… thx!

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    New Clan Name

    the Death bringers.

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    New Clan Name

    um,, isnt that kinda war focused, Ryan? lol

    why dont you try to keep it simple, like 'gamerz' or something? because all i can thing of is simple things

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    New Clan Name

    LOL yes Ryan please try again.

    Simple is always good but something unique is favorable. and please throw anything at me. I am willing to hear everything. Also, nothing with a "g". i don't like how it would look on clan tags.

    the tags will be in "[ ]" or "{ }" what ever looks better.

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    New Clan Name

    ok, so no gamerz because of the G. hmmm. lamerz? lol J/K. how about team 1337 or something? (see, told you i was simple minded )

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    New Clan Name

    okay lets hear from someone else out in the audiance...

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    New Clan Name


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    New Clan Name

    uhhh... nope

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    New Clan Name

    Wooden Death Spoon

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    New Clan Name

    hmmm....something with avenger or avenger's in it.....Death Avenger's {DA} or Avenger's of Death {AoD}

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