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Thread: Mazzola's Ultimate Cube Case

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    Mazzola's Ultimate Cube Case

    Hello guys,

    I started building a new case over the past two weekends. Here's some pictures. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

    Some 1" square steel tubing. I wanted to go aluminum but it's 2.5x as much money and I don't have the right welding tools for aluminum.

    Here's the frame welded together.

    There's piano hinges in the back holding the doors on.

    Here's a picture of the casters welded on. I know the welding is ugly.

    At this point the major framework is done so I desided to smooth the metal out while I still had large areas of surface.

    Those GatorGrit disks wear out very fast when your attempting to grind metal. I ended up going through 8 of them and the on one disk the grinder in the picture is a polishing disk.

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    Mazzola's Ultimate Cube Case

    Wow this looks promising!

    You have a great collection of tools, you shouldn't have problems putting the beast together
    Do you have any sketches of the final case?

    Mmm welding
    Gotta love it hehe

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    Mazzola's Ultimate Cube Case

    Sweet! Great idea with the two sides opening up. Keep the updates coming.

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    Mazzola's Ultimate Cube Case

    looks like this could be a beast when done!!! nice work cool orginal idea to :P

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    Mazzola's Ultimate Cube Case

    This does look promising! I can't wait to see more. What did you use to cut the pieces?

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    Mazzola's Ultimate Cube Case

    Oh awesome!! I love the two doors. I may have to steal that idea. LOL

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    Mazzola's Ultimate Cube Case

    Thanks, I'm glad you guys seem to like it so far.

    Do you have any sketches of the final case?No. I tried to mock it up in 3ds max like your suppose to but my computer was acting weird at the time and I had to reformat and never got around to it. As of right now I'm planning to but the HDD's on the left door the bay devices on the right, the mobo on top semi exposed so it's very easy to work on. I'm kind of unsure about putting the mobo on top like I want to because it ruins the design somewhat but I want it to be easy access for working on.

    You have a great collection of tools...
    Yea, they're actually not mine. My dad is a tool freak. He mainly works on cars as you see the Subaru STi in the driveway. He just got the welder for fathers day. It was 300 dollars off at Lowes so we basically had to get it right?

    What did you use to cut the pieces?
    I used a miter saw with a 10" metal cutting blade. I wasn't to familiar with cutting metal and I will tell you that the edges on either side of the cut get melted a little bit and it leaves very jagged edges which you'll have to grind off. The miter saw wasn't the best and if you went to fast the blade would actually curve a bit which would involve more grinding after wards to make it flat again but if you went to slow and tried to get it nice and straight the metal got so hot from the friction that it starts to melt the plastic underneath.

    Anyways, today I was working on cutting the angle bar pieces which will hold the plexiglass in place in the doors and on top. Here's some pictures:

    I just used a wirebrush to grind off all that oil crap they put on the steel since it's easier to grind it while it's a big piece.

    The wire brush wouldn't get in the inside corner so I had to use some 50 grit sand paper on the drill to get in there.

    Here's the cut pieces.

    Once again it's back to the grinder to rip off those nasty edges and get the silver texture back.

    Here's the finished cut pieces all brushed.

    It doesn't seem like much but it actually took me a couple hours to do that with all the tedious grinding each piece.

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