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Thread: A No-Name (yet) mod

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    I think it's about time I start something seriously.. So far I've started on projects wich were 101% failures..

    So now I bought a completely new Chieftec case:

    Link to case: Gently...

    I'm not really sure what I'll do with it but I do have some plans... First I want to add an LCD to front for time, wich song is being played, maybe some temperatures, graphs and so on..
    Then I'll add a stereo VU-meter somewhere
    2 or more HDD meters (depends on how many HDDs I'll put inside the thing)

    Day 1 (June 28th 08)
    1. Took the case apart completely

    Yeah, apart..

    I took the top panel away too but I don't have a pic (it's black anyway :P)

    2. After that I took the PSU apart..

    I turned the fan around too so it now pushes the warm air out of the PSU

    Cut the cables..

    Yuck O_o

    3. The LCD

    This is the LCD I want to build in the case. I've marked the place where it'll go on the case already (red lines)

    The LCD

    The driver card

    4. The HDDs

    Hmm I wonder what this is for...

    Old "wannabe mod"..

    One of the failed attempts..

    No idea where the rest of the plastic is... =/

    No plexi glass - BAD airflow...


    Questions, comments welcome

    the pics were taken with my cellphone so the quality isn't at its best but I think it's enough that you see the point in the pics

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    sweet a mod y u dex cant say ive ever seen you post a wotklog, should be good, anyway the idea seems ok, looks good nice BIG casr to start with, the lcd idea is cool to!!

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    Don't worry about failures, it happens. I'm really interested to see where you go with this, and I know that you'll cook up something crazy on the electrical side of things.

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    ...and I know that you'll cook up something crazy on the electrical side of things.
    :twisted: :twisted: :roll:

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    Day 2 (June 30th)

    This is a minor update..

    Cut the "hole" for the LCD (using a plasma cutter, the hole won't be seen from anywhere anyway.. - thank god lol)

    Back side

    The LCD fixed, looks nice (this is just the start, there shouldn't be any edges in the near future )

    Need to fix the driver PCB

    Driver PCB fixed, hmm looks good...

    Except that....... -.-'

    Greeat, the flat cable is too short grrr

    And I have one small question.. I guess I'll have to sand the whole case so the primer will stay on the case?
    For now, I could draw Scratchies in the pieces of the case (the things wich you remove if you want to install something in the 5,25" bay)

    Or was the only problem because the paint had dried for only 10 minutes? (it says it's a 10 minute paint on the sticker!)

    Not much of an update anyway, the work is progressing very slow because of my parents.. The always want me to help them with something hehe
    There should be more updates next week when they go away for 10 days.. Woohoo
    Anyone want to come over for a LAN or just a normal party? (got room for about 30 to 50 people )

    Typos :roll: ops:

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    Looking great so far. Keep up with the good work. Now don't go blowing it with your parents. Have fun and all but don't blow up the house. lol Thanks for the photos. Happy Modding to ya.

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    Nah I don't work at home, I use my dads workshop, I have plenty of tools there.. And beside all that, I can make as much noise as I want/can and noone will complain hehe

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    sounds like a good place for a party!! lol anyway, that lcd looks slick in there nice one

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    The lcd is looking good; nice work there. For the paint, yes you should sand it. razer made up a nice painting guide a while back, though to be honest I only loosely follow it :P. The paint scratching off the test piece could be a combination of both not sanding and not waiting long enough. Even though the paint says that it dries in ten minutes, you probably shouldn't do anything dangerous with it for a day or so, and even then be careful. And nice job on being wise enough to use a test piece! Lots of people (including me) rush in and bungle the actual work piece.

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    A No-Name (yet) mod

    Sorry guys, no updates for a few days.. My parents are leaving for 10 days and in that time I'll try to make the most of the case
    Dad doesn't like me mess up the workshop, even though I clean up everything...
    So in that time, I'll mess the house up, nobody will even know (except my sister but she'll have to be ok with it lol)

    As for the test piece, I used the things that come in the 5,25" bays and you don't even want to know what I did to them with the plasma cutter.. Or when I was trying to weld a few pieces together xD


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