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Thread: Probs the oddest thing ever but....

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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    this is me....

    now im in the uk, all bout money here so trying to gain weight would cost me loads....i mean loads cos all the crap here is aload of "£$£(*" and i just want something that would work..any of you guys got any idea...

    p.s dont take the mick i know im skinny lol hench the whole reason of this weird post.....


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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    What kind of weight are you trying to gain? - general body fat/mass, muscle? Also, explain how much and how often you eat along with any noticable weight patterns involving your metabolism, ex: are you the kind that eats 3 large meals a day and even when eating a lot of junk food/fast food does not notice a difference in weight gain or loss?

    Also, very important, if you get sick for a couple of days and your eating habbits drop from the normal do you lose weight and if so estimate about how much after a 3 day sickness and you only eat about half your normal amounts, and also how long will it take you to regain the lost weight after eating normally again?

    Explain your phisical activities on a normal basis, are you the kind that just comes home from work or school and sits on the couch and leads a limited physically active life? Or are you the kind that often goes out and does some physically exausting activities like playing basketball for an hour or more a couple of times a week?

    I know it seems like a lot of questions but every body is different to the point where you could have 10 different people trying to lose weight and need 10 different eating programs for them as they all have different bodies and matabolisms and no 1 diet will work for even 2 of them, the same concept is involved for weight gain so please answer all the questions to the best of your ability and I/others will be able to help you out more as these questions play a major role in your bodies metabolism which makes all the difference.

    Final question, how old are you and what is your current height and weight?


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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    What do you need to gain weight for? thats the big question...

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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    fusinfun, im fed up with being "the little man" and not being able to look after myself properly

    ok here i go...


    im the kind of person who can eat loads and put on nothing....

    i eat in the morning when i wake, at around 1and also later in the afternoon around 6, i have snacks in between, on top of this i drink alot of water,

    if im sick, i normaly lose around 7pounds, this i know as i have weighed myself when i was ill lol,
    it takes at least a week to get back to my normal weight, but i tend to yoyo up and down with my weight...

    well, i walk to work and back, and tend to do alot of walking...i workout in the morning when i wake up for at least 10mins, i would say cover a mile at least when walking, im also always on my feet at always moving around,

    im 20 years old, 5ft 4inchs and my weight is 8stone 4pounds, (weight was done 2 days ago)

    hope ive provided enough info and hope you might be able to help me out...

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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    It sounds like your metabolism is fast, but on a good note it responds quickly to dietary change and eating habbits which is why I asked the sickness questions.

    I would reccomend a couple of things. The goal you are trying to obtain is to slow your metabolism down some so it doesn't burn through the calories/ect as fast and to make it take more out of them to utilize for tissue growth. First I would recommend doing away with the snacks in between meals as the more frequently you eat through out the day the more times your digestive system is active which ends up speeding up your metabolism. This might leave you a bit hungry in between meals until your body adjust to it after a couple of days, to help counteract that just eat larger meals than your normal and only eat 3 times a day.

    As for the kind of food to eat I would recommend for lunches and dinners some kind of carbs/starches to get the extra carb intake into your system. This will help you because as your metabolism slows down it will no longer be able to burn all the extra carbs and they will start to store themselves within your body becomming various tissues. With people that lead a very inactive life the new tissues usually come in as fat tissue, but with a life such as yours with the walking and working out it will come in as muscle tissue which will allow you to keep a good shaped body and not get over thick or pudgy.

    For the first 3 to 4 days or so until your metabolism starts changing you will most likely lose a couple of pounds because your metabolism is still in overdrive and is not getting enough calories to maintain your current weight. After that you will begin slowly gaining weight, this will last for a while until your body levels itself out with the change in your metabolism verses what you are eating.

    When it comes to foods I would recommend anything that you can think of that has a lot of carbs such as pasta, breads and such but do not only feed your body with just those, this means don't just boil a big pan of pasta and eat it nightly, your body still needs the extra calories from fat so make sure to have the stuff like sauces, added meats, side dishes, ect. Just make the main portion of your meals full of carbs, other wise due to the lack of calories from fat you will not be able to gain weight but just maintain it.

    I hope this has been helpful for you and should you follow all this advice I hope to hear your progress in the very near future. I say "all this advice" because changing your bodys metabolism and natural makeup is not an easy thing that you can do by just changing 1 thing, you have to be strict with yourself and due all that is needed.

    During this change please do not take any kind of protien drinks or weight gain drinks as that will mess with your metabolism and make this change for your body much harder.

    Good luck,


    ps. what is 8stone 4pounds? I am in the usa and have never heard of a stone as a measurement of weight, only pounds.

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    Probs the oddest thing ever but.... in for a long trip lol well im italian so paster is common with me with all the meats in it to i think i get this, im going to start it tomoz though, just going to enjoy my foods today then start, i dont know how many pounds that is....i know that there is 14pounds in a i think its about very light lol,

    could you possibly name some foods for the day? im usless at picking good foods to eat...and yes i will east anything

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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    Sorry guys, I'm not in the mood these days but to add my 5 cents..

    I've skipped through and read only parts of the replies but I think I get the most of the things explained.

    I have a friend who had similar problems like you Vito
    He started exercising and playing football and he ate even more than before.. But he gained weight
    He started training more, eating less and guess what happened? He gained weight and kept it stable for about 1 year, he didn't eat as much as before and exercised daily

    But yeah, he ate junk food at times too (not sure if it really matters in this case)

    I'm too fat; 184cm and exactly 100KG (not to be proud of or anything..)
    But yeah, I do have that.. how do you say.. roof for The Tool?
    Even though it hasn't really been used yet but a good man has his tools kept in a safe place..
    ok no more joking around

    I've tried exercising daily for about half a year, I ate less than now and I ate around 5 to 6 times a day - not too much but different types of food not only meat and so on
    As soon as the school started seiously, I had to stop exercising so I could do my work for school (studying, homework and so on - I never did the homeword for Math.. yay) AND I started eating only once to three times/day, mostly twice, around 10AM and when I got home, 4PM or so
    For that half a year, I lost about 5 KG
    As soon as I stopped doing all that.. I gained that 5 KG back in 1 week

    I'm not really sure if you'll understand what I meant in this reply because I feel very weird as I'm writing this..
    The whole week is weird actually heh

    My 5 cents..

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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    Below is 3 links that have lists of high carb foods. They are a list of foods broken up into 3 different catagories by the ammount of carbs per serving.

    You will be very surprised when you look at these 3 list as you will think to yourself many times..."I always ate that kind of stuff", but you most likely have never made it a point to exclusively do it for atleast 2 if not all 3 meals a day every day. That is where the strict part comes in that I was talking about before. It's not that you are limited to what seems to be about 10 things to eat like some diets are, but you have a multitude of thing to choose from, the strict part is making sure that a large part of each meal consist of atleast 1 or more of those every time.

    Take the time to learn the list so you can easily plan out meals for yourself. As I said, unlike a diet in which you are trying to loose weight, you are doing the reverse so as long as you have at least 1 of the things off the list as a large portion of your meal you can eat anything you want with it as sides with no limitations.

    As a note though, if you have a large intake of some of the foods in the "Highest Carbs" link you may experience a possible sugar crash as most of them contain a lot of synthetic sugars compared to natural sugars. Example - a orange in very high in natural sugars and if you eat a couple of them your sugar will spike but it will take your body longer to process them because it is a natural sugar and you won't crash from the sugar, on the other hand take something like a bunch of marshmallows or candy which is high in synthetic sugars your blood sugar will raise very fast and then drop very fast as it takes the body very little time to process them and that is what causes the sugar crash.

    Here are the links:

    Medium To High Carbs

    High Carbs

    Highest carbs

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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    thanks for the links...been looking at them, and well to be honest there so much different info its hard to take it all in....."having a breakdown lol" no im kidding stress kicks in alot nowa days though...anyway, so from what your sayin, a good day for me would be, a bowl of cereal, which has around 40 to 55 carbs, then at around say 1oclock eat a sandwich, with some crisp's and a cookie and then at dinner, eat something like a bowl of pasta? or say some meat with mash and so on.....have i got it right? and omg i went 4 hours today without that was hard lol

    thanks in advance

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    Probs the oddest thing ever but....

    more or less but remember to eat larger than normal servings as you are cutting out snacks in between so you'll need the extra food per meal to hold you over till the next.

    Also remember to throw more things in each meal other than just carbs so you can still get the extra calories from fat, ect that your body needs to help maintain and build additional tissue. A nice balance is to try and have something as a side that has a high amount of protien in it, and that doesn't just mean meat, you can even get a large amount of protien from a bag of peanuts.

    but in a nutshelll, yes, you got it.

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