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Thread: Mobo tray guide not sure where to put

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    Mobo tray guide not sure where to put

    Found this mobo tray guide on another site. Didn't want to claim it as my own by sticking it in the member guides forum. So figured i'd post here, saw some post about people wanting to know how to do a mobo tray.

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    Mobo tray guide not sure where to put

    Having done a few plexi mobo trays over the years I will add a little.

    This example did not like the plexi tray to well. If you do not have a lot of room to span and don't have a lot of weight. The 2mm / 3mm plexi will suffice. If you plan on moving the rig a lot or taking it to a LAN event for example. I would suggest going a little thicker. I used a 3mm sheet for the tray that the sapphire board is on and after a year I finally decided to replace it. It developed several cracks around the standoffs and really flex'd a lot when installing any PCI/PCI-E cards.

    You do want to elevate the mobo off of the plexi tray. The mobo does create heat when in use, it is also not a level surface, especially when your mobo requires you to use a backing plate for the CPU cooler. If you bolt it straight down to a piece of plexi, steel, or wood, your going to cause 1 or both of the parts to warp to an extent. I would say to give it at the least an 1/8" gap. I normally do a 1/4" and depending on the case have done them as much as 3/4" to 1". The bolt idea works fine, and you can pick up some nylon spacers to give you the desired height as shown in the above linked post.

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