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Thread: World's smallest case mod?

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    World's smallest case mod?

    I figured the title would get your attention...maybe not?

    I got this little toy a week ago and have been playing around with it.

    It is called an ezLCD-103 and according to its manufacturer: "The product is based on our FAVR-32 cpu on module that has an Atmel AVR-32 bit processor, 8 megs flash, SD card, 16 megs sdram and Ethernet (not implemented yet)." It also has a USB 2.0 port.

    My question is whether you guys think this is a proper "computer". What is your definition of a computer?

    It has another very interesting feature. I'll pause for dramatic effect while I post a size comparison photo.

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    World's smallest case mod?

    An integrated 3.5" touchscreen LCD. It has its own programming language called LUA that allows you to design your own buttons and other graphics.

    It might make an interesting bay insert like a Matrix Orbital on steroids.

    I just want to build an enclosure around it so it won't get damaged while I flog the software end. Something that props it up at an angle like a proper monitor. Something in walnut maybe.

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    World's smallest case mod?

    No way

    This'd be perfect for automatising someone's home (mine, for example :P)
    Turning lights on/off, closing windows, checking if the doors are closed/locked, music station.. If I had that I definitely know what I'd do with it

    So yeah, Ethernet is just a big plus in this case.. Connect from anywhere around the world to turn the air conditioning on in the summer when you leave work so you come home in a cool house.. Mmm

    I had to go "investigate"...
    # Full ezLCD Command Set
    # 3.5" 320x240, 24 bit Color TFT LCD
    # 350 Nits
    # Integrated Resistive Touch Screen
    # Embedded LCD Controller
    # Full Speed USB 2.0 Interface 480Mbits/s (via USB connector)
    # RS232 TTL, and SPI
    # Integrated MicroSD/MMC (Secure Digital/MultiMedia) Memory Slot!
    # High Performance, Low Power AVR32 32-Bit Microcontroller
    # Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s coming soon!
    # Audio Out
    # +5 Volt Powered
    # USB Powered optional
    # (+3.3V Optional)
    # Removable Mounting Tabs

    I must say I'm impressed, all this for 200 bucks... wowzers

    Really, really really impressed..

    Just a side note, you got or bought it?

    And yes, if you ask me, this IS a computer

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    World's smallest case mod?

    Thank you for your reply Dex.

    EarthLCD gave it to me to play around with.

    Maybe I'll do something stupid (and fun) with it like build a miniature 5" tall tower case that looks like a regular case mod with a cut out window. I'll use the screen to display a photo for the side window like Bodakker did with his Sideview mod. Instead of an empty interior I would show a tiny motherboard and miniature watercooling with window etching and lighting effects.

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    World's smallest case mod?

    That's pretty cool. I'd love to get my hands on one of those as well. I don't know If I'd call that a computer by today's standards but technically if it processes information it's a computer. lol

    Your idea of a mini tower case is awesome. I'd love to see that. Mod it all out and that would be pretty cool. Nothing too flashy but it would definitely get some double takes once you see it in scale.

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    World's smallest case mod?

    I checked with Sunon. They make fans as small as 8mm. I could put a big one (scale-wise) in the front and a couple of smaller ones on the top to simulate a water cooling setup.

    For case feet I could use LEDs with the tops filed off flat.

    It could be fun for sure.

    Maybe I'll show up at Nvision with my entry in my pocket.

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    World's smallest case mod?

    That would be very very cool!

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    World's smallest case mod?

    that sounds wicked!!! you never could start of a buy one for sure!!! come on GET MODDING!!!!!

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    World's smallest case mod?

    Very cool
    hoping you build that mini PC

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