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Thread: water cooling help

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    water cooling help

    hi i just bought this and wanted to know how good it is and will it work on my AMD athlon 64 X2 dual core pro 3600+?? thanks

    Thermaltake Bigwater
    12 cm liquid cooling system Boxed

    - 12cm Radiator: High performance radiator with
    120x120x25 mm VR fan.

    -All copper Waterblock:
    (a). Copper waterblock with blue LED acrylic cover
    shining your CPU
    (b). Universal clips for intel P4 LAG 775, P4. AMD K8 AMD k7.

    -All new Water Pump: Black powerful DC 12v
    water pump with blue LED.

    -Quick Install Connector: Saving you time to install device conveniently.

    -Water Tube: Transparent green pipes lighten your cool case.

    -Coolant: High performance coolant with
    functions of water quality steadying, water scale
    reducing, anti-freezing and anti-rusing.

    -Refill Water Tank: To refill water easily, also
    can be a back-up receiver.

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    water cooling help

    Is it the Bigwater 735? Sure it will work, but the better question is...what are you expecting to get out of this kit? Lower temps? Overclocking? Lower sound level?

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    water cooling help

    low sound as i have like 6 fans in rig at mo and to look cool im just scared that it will fry my chip

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    water cooling help

    Yup, It'll work. After some quick googling I found a guy with your same cpu and wc system who was at 3.2Ghz. I know what you mean about being paranoid about that stuff; it's always scary at first. Just do everything according to the instructions and you'll be fine. There's a lot of good info on water cooling out there to help you.

    I hope that this helps.

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    water cooling help

    Just make sure once you have everything hooked up, installed and in position you run the WCIng setup for a few hours first to leak check it. With the PC OFF and UNPLUGGED!! This way if you do have a leak it won't fry anything once you are very sure you have no leaks then you can turn everything on. IF you are new to WCing this is one of the things I recommend.

    Do the same thing if you move the PC around or install new hardware that requires you to move the tubing around. You never know, better safe than sorry.

    Other than that good. Luck. I think you could have got a quiet PC going with air but to each his own.

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    water cooling help

    thank u so much evey one when i have done it i will put some pics up

    thanks again

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    water cooling help

    oh dose it matter if i touch the motherbord ??? i keep seeing ground your self first but how do i do this???

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    water cooling help

    You ground yourself to remove any static electricity from your body. The use of anti-static devices is the recommended method. If you make sure to touch a bare part of the chassis, it will normally discharge but not always.

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    water cooling help

    What they're referring to is ESD (electro static discharge). What happens is that static electricity build up in your body, and you can kill components by touching them. To avoid this you need to ground yourself.
    It's best to buy an anti-grounding wrist strap, but touching the case on a regular basis will also work. As for not touching the mobo, it's best not to touch any pins (especially on ram and pci cards), but you can touch the pcb without repercussions (other than fingerprints :P). One thing that you should definitely not touch is the surface of your cpu, waterblock, or heatsink. Touching the smooth face will leave fingerprints and oils that hinder thermal transfer. Oh, and don't touch the bulb of your car's headlights. Your oils will cause hot spots that will make the bulb burn out faster. Just thought I would throw that out there.

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    water cooling help

    BSL -- same with halogens and any other high temperature light.

    I picked up my static strap for like 10 bucks at my local computer store, but that was because it doesnt have the wire... you can get the wired ones for like 5.

    (Mine discharges the static through a large resistor or something, the other ones plug into the grounding '3rd wire' on your home electrical sockets.)

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