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Thread: No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    That is looking pretty sweet for a first mod, it's looking a lot better than mine did. Keep it up!

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Thanks! I try to make it look good cause I don't want to look at crap everyday

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Hi guys. Just a little update for now. Last night at midnight, Georgia started their back to school tax free weekend. This meant no sales tax on PCs, laptops, monitors, and accessories. Best Buy opened at midnight so I got there around 11:15 to see what kind of deals they were having. At around 12:03 I fell in love with this beauty.

    Samsung 22" wide screen monitor. $249.99. amazing. My crappy JTX sits next to it, pale in comparison. I am working on removing the 3.5" bays right now and will post some HDD mounting pics later tonight


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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Got a little work done today. I ran my PC at idle for about an hour and the CPU was running at 120F+ and my 8800GS sounded like an airport on Christmas Eve. So thats not good. Looking into that

    First of all, I needed to remove the 3.5" bays so I could put the fan controller on the bottom of the case.

    Then I noticed that my poorly made case was missing holes for i fixed it. As you can see, I still had the rivet ends on so it messed the paint up. But its cool cause shes gettin a few new coats anyhow.

    This part got me. I needed to rivet the 3.5" cage to the top of the case. Which sounds wasn't. I had riveted the 3 holes that I am using to Hold the cage up and realized that one of the rivets hadn't gone all the way through. It was holding the cage at an angle so i had to remove it. The drill couldnt seem to get it out so I had to bust out my Dremel. Even with that it took me 10 mins. Well after all was said and done, I got 'er fixed.

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    I got a box the other day from Bill

    look at the goodies!!

    Pictured is...

    A set of Black Anodized aluminum case feet
    4 Fan silencers
    6 feet of U-Channell
    2 Vandal Resistant switches

    and my favorites
    2 Urban Assault grills

    All of course can be picked up at the MNPCTech Casemod store

    Expect to see these babies in action this weekend

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    sweet, nice one!

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Any updates Nick?

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    I love those Urban Assault Grills, they just scream Grand Funk .

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Any new progress here to show NicK?

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