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Thread: No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    I started this log at bit-tech about 5 days ago so I am just going to catch yall up real quick…


    Hi guys. Not only is this my first pc build, but its my first case mod, first pretty much anything. So bear with me, and all feedback is great. Positive or negative, i want to hear it.

    First list

    CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo
    Mobo - EVGA nForce 780i
    GPU - XFX 8800GS (terrible impulse buy)
    PSU - OCZ StealthXStream 600W
    Ram - 4G (2x2G) Crucial
    HDD - 1 WD 250G (IDE) 1 WD 320G (SATA)

    case = random $50 ATX mid tower

    parts. the PSU and 320G HD should be here, no later then Wednesday

    after a quick mock up, i realized the IO plate that came with my mobo wont sit in the case. so I will have to make one. I plan on using clear plexi which I will paint black. keep in mind I've never used a Dremel. Speaking off, gotta go get one today

    And the obligatory 'wish i hadn't bought that' picture

    The skeleton...naked

    Then a coat of flat black

    Sides and top panel taped

    Thats all for now. Check later tonight, I've gotta get some paint, a dremel, and run some college related errands.
    Maybe my NewEgg box will be here when i get home

    Oh yeah! Color Scheme will be flat black, white, and Monster green
    Stay tuned!

    Had a little run in with the law today...apparently its illegal to shoot squirrels with an air rifle on public hiking trails :jawdrop: they gave me a warning, so thats good.

    Back to the mod.

    Purchased this bad boy today (my new favorite toy! :dremel

    Cut some holes in the side of the case...cant tell you why yet. Only because i cant explain it. But this is what they look like. They need some love yet

    the dremel likes to jump alot. What is the quickest, most efficient way to fix this (see next pic)

    I got a can of white today so i decided to spray the top but was in a rush...horrid over-spray accident

    I think the idea is good however i will have to sand it and try again tomorrow :sigh:

    I cut the plexi IO plate i was talking about earlier. not so much a plate, but a guard to keep stuff out. needs some love and some paint but i like it

    My dads cousin gave me this bad boy a few weeks ago. Its sound activated so it hits with the bass from my stereo. its like a rave in my computer i think i will get a few more soon

    So as always, feedback. I'm new to this and any help would be appreciated

    almost forgot

    The cage all painted flat. and an extra HDD cage i also painted. i would like to remove what i have and switch, but i dont want to lose the integrity of the case


    Today was a long day. As you recall, i screwed up the top panel last night...bad. so i had to do some sanding. that didnt go well.

    i thought that looked cool, for maybe a...grunge car theme. like death proof. maybe. Idk. This paint was tough. After a bit, i thought i would be fine so i gave it a few layers of white primer. turns out, i wasnt going to be fine. in fact i was going to spend the next 2 hours sanding...what joy :wallbash:

    After that was done i decided to move on to the side panel

    my doctors kit

    after all was said and done, i sprayed them both VERY carefully and was left with this once the tape was removed. (resize is BAD)

    my idea is to put mesh behind the back like this. the mesh is black and looks MUCH better in real life

    Thanks for watching. my PSU should be here tomorrow so i will paint that and my top panel if I am home.


    I was coming home from a college visit and rolled into the driveway as soon as the UPS guy showed up...and what did he bring??

    My Sata HDD and my long awaited PSU!!

    Off to do some painting. will return with fun stuff

    Big update for yall

    I finished the IO plate/shield and painted it.

    I voided the warranty on my PSU (after checking if it worked of course) and painted the fan guard

    Masked and painted my cathode

    And of course, finished the top panel...FINALLY

    Remember that little 3.5 cage i painted a while back...i have an idea

    I'm thinking about placing it here: in the 5.25 bay area.

    And because i hate the face, i will make a new one out of this top which is VERY close to exact size. A little long, but who cares.

    I plan on putting maybe a 120 mm fan in front of the 5.25 bay. A bulgan switch in the middle and a few toggle switches on the bottom to control lights and other fun stuff. (displayed here with...junk) The racing stripes will continue down the face

    I also hot glued the mesh for my little windows. what a pain

    And here it is all mocked up. I'm getting really close, i just need to do that last side, mount my CD-ROM (you'll be surprised where she goes) and make the face plate.

    Im thinking about cutting out the pick guard completely and just making it a window. what do you think?

    This modding business is PRETTTTTY addicting. im already planning my next mod lol. a scratch build. (no stealing!!)


    So, about 5 minutes after putting up the poll i went downstairs and got to work cutting the window
    Since I have never tried to cut something like that i was obviously a little skeptical about doing it but i took my time and cut WAY away from the actual edge...just to be safe

    Selling metal pickguard for custom guitar build

    I then went back and cut it cleaner since i felt confident in my skills

    Here you see the arsenal of files in which i used to clean it all up. It looks about the same but the details are cleaner and since i plan on gettin some U-Channel, it doesn't have to be perfect.

    Thats about it for now, i need to sand it, the other side, and my new front so they can be painted flat and not gloss. I hate ordering online, so if anyone knows where i could pick up some of those kick-ass bulgan switches, it would be appreciated.


    Since i got a metal break last night, i picked up some metal to well...bend

    I found this old heatsink in my box of stuff and its awesome.

    Its almost the EXACT width of the CD drive. It is unbelievably close, its like it was meant to go there

    Just to let yall know, I plan on having this drive on the OUTSIDE of my computer. yes...I said outside. I have to measure, cut, and bend the mounting brackets. So make sure you stay tuned for that one

    This is a complete failure for me. I marked, measured and measured and marked some more to find out...i measured wrong like 100 times. Not to mention my lack of metal bending skills. wow. I didn't take into account the fact that the cover sits OVER the CD ROM so the tabs don't sit all the way down on the case. The initial plan is to cover the case, stealth it, and install it on the Right side of the computer however THAT is easier said then done. I need to find a new way to make the that doesn't involve bending

    After the bending and hammering...not good. not good at all... They aren't really like 90 degree bends but more like...rolls.

    I think i will just get some L bar and cut the pieces to size and rivet the L bar over it. What do yall think?

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Looking sweet! I would have suggested leaving the metal in place, and putting a piece of white plexi over the top. Then you get the layered on look, like real guitars.

    And it looks like you are trying to do the bending wrong. do you have pics of the tool? someone here can probably help you figure it out pretty easily.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot. Welcome to Modder's Inc!

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Thanks! The tool is just a metal break with a 45 degree and 90 degree option. I dont know what i was doing wrong but i threw it up on my anvil and attacked it with a ball peen hammer and that seemed to do the trick

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    I think the bends were round because of the repetitive bending back and forth. Anyways, i didnt like it so i bent them until they broke and hammered them on the side of my motorcycle lift with a ball peen hammer. i like the way they came out MUCH better then having it in one piece. These are garbage so i will remake them with a rubber mallet to avoid the nasty dents.

    The break i had used

    And the mock up

    A lot has yet to be done on this. I need to make the back piece and a slot for the stealth tray to come out. I am hoping to re-wire the eject to a switch on the front of the case.

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Awesome news! Today...I got Bill Owen at MNPCTech!!

    His store is amazing, so make sure you swing by and give it a look at!!

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    been there, looked and would kill to buy from that store lol, anyway, your mod is looking awesome man, thumbs up from me

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Oh man, I agree. The store is amazing.

    I was thinking about what I was going to do with the front of the case and after looking at the MNPCTech store, I got this...however...I suck with sketchup

    The design calls for removal of the 5.25 bay hense the side mounted CD drive
    the two 80mm fans will be covered by these Urban Assault Grills

    For instillation of the Fan controller, I will need to mod the 3.5 bay. Lots of work coming up in the near future, so stick around and be sure to tell me what you think. I love bouncing ideas off of people, so give em a throw


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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Hey it looks great and hope you are having fun and by the sounds of it, as you are already planning a second mod, you are.

    BIG props to wearing the safety glasses!!!!

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    BIG props to wearing the safety glasses!!!!
    I love seeing what I'm playing so theres no reason to risk loosing the ability to raid!

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    No Direction - MNPCTech Goodies!!

    Hey it looks great and hope you are having fun and by the sounds of it, as you are already planning a second mod, you are.

    BIG props to wearing the safety glasses!!!!
    i will second that lol had my days with my safty glasses which are now, well i dont use them, i have a new pair as the old ones are like gold to me now lol, anyways update!!! i want an update

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