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Thread: So Cal Earthquake

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    So Cal Earthquake

    FYI - The earthquake in So Cal has taken my website down. I'm sure there are many others. Just thought you should know.

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    So Cal Earthquake

    I saw about it on the news at lunch at work. I guess it was a 5.4 or something. I did not hear if there was anything bad that happened.

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    So Cal Earthquake

    My web host's datacenter is a few miles from the epicenter. They were down for an hour and a half or so. A friend of mine says it was seriously scary but there wasn't much damage.

    Any LA people here?

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    So Cal Earthquake

    eh...down in the nuk they said it was 5.1 amazing how thigns change huh?? earthquake ive also wanted to "exsperinence" one, damn bout that web server huh, good thing it wasnt major!

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