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Thread: Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    A long time ago, in my mind, far, far, away...

    Growing up with all the Star Wars movies, having all the action figures, models, magazines and etc it only seems natural that a Star Wars mod would be cool. There have been R2D2 mods made, heck there are even R2's club's. I wanted to do something differebt yet something at any Star Wars fan would know.

    The battle on Planet Hoth always stuck in my mind and when you first see the mammoth AT-AT Walker stomping in the snow all I could think was...WHOA...AWESOME (I was a teenager at the time).

    This mod has been an on going project for me for some time now. It doesn't get much attention as this web site (Modders-Inc) tends to eat up a lot of my time, but I want to get this project
    You may not see updates for long periods of time, but that does not mean that I am not working on it. I am trying to stay ahead of the work log by a few steps.

    Yeah, yeah I know here are the pic's so far.

    I tried to get my hands on anything that I could find that would help design the AT-AT Walker. The biggest challenge is that I am doing the entire case out of Aluminum and I am bending it all by hand. No Water jetting or C-n-C machine...just D-n-D (Dewayne and Dremel)

    Here is the hardware that I am using to help with the mock-up

    I will be using different types of cardboard to make templates to create the different pieces.
    I only have so much Aluminum to work with so I have no room for errors.

    This is the side panel mock up.

    This one shows the bottom template and side panel mock-up and how the hardware will fit, I hope.

    I used the template for the bottom

    Cut it out with some tin snips

    By using a small piece of wood and two clamps I was able to make a jig that
    would help me put the bends in the metal

    These two pliers are used to help hold stuff together when you weld or what not,
    but they sore did work great as benders

    Phew the bottom panel is done

    I took the same steps to create the side panels

    Even at this stage it is starting to look like an AT-AT Walker

    That's it for now and I hope you like is so far.

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    Good to see this project back up.....

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    Awesome! This is one mod I have to see to completion. I've seen the R2's online and they are cool but to see this being built is b***hen. Just don't take so long that I pass on. Ha Ha :idea:

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    Hopefully it wont take that

    I got part of the head made up yesterday, but that will be seen sometime in the future.

    My plan is to take it to QuakeCon this year...Done or Not

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    Long live the AT-AT.
    Glad to see it back also.
    Cant wait to see that thing done.

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    Great to see this baby back up. This is one of those mods that just "has" to be done. You can't just start it and AT-AT walk away.

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    Aaack ... did I just hear a bad pun, or what :lol:

    ...Good to see this is back on the burner AF

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    This is one of those mods that just "has" to be done. You can't just start it and AT-AT walk away.
    Too funny...I think?

    Next I need to figure out where the Mother Board will go. My first thougt is to
    make it be upside-down. The Cpu and Heat Sink will weight quite a bit and I am thinking that
    the AT-AT is going to be pretty top heavy so any way to lower the center of gravity will be a plus.

    The good thing is that if I decide to change it later all I have to do is move the Mother Board tray
    to the other side and it a done deal.

    I made a rough layout on the metal with the layout in my mind and no template.
    Hopefully it will come out OK.

    Using a large straight edge, the edge of 1 x 4 piece of wood, a small rubber/plastic hammer, and two C-clamps
    I bent over the edges to create the base of the MB Tray

    After struggling with bendin the side panels I went to my local Harbor Frieght and bought a small
    break to help me make the nice straight bends. The break was only $20 and worth very penny!

    This is the piece bent to shape, but not complete. I want to put a desing into the tray or do something
    to spice it up, but for now it will help with the layout.

    I figured I would put in a pic of me working the metal. I don'd have a garage to work in so my back patio is my work shop. The dang wind was blowing like a MoFo and pulled the screens loose, but modding must be done!

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    OH MY GOD!!! if I had seen this before, I would have said such a good IDEA!!!!!

    Hope it all goes really well, and hope that detailing does great, I want to see this mod work out good.

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    Star Wars AT-AT mod *Updated*

    NICE ... You really áre an American Freak ;')

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