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Thread: new desk/work area

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    new desk/work area

    hello everyone.I made a desk in my closet.This desk is for me to get on my computer and to work on computers since i work on them on the side for extra money.I have a 26" lcd samsung tv that i am using as my computer montior.I also have my PS3 hooked up to this tv.I think this is a nice little set up i are some pictures,tell me what yall think.


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    new desk/work area

    Cool! I wish that I had surround sound. Plus, when you have your Amish friends over you can just shut the closet door and they will be none the wiser!

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    new desk/work area

    Nice job, the only issue in the future might be expandability. You'll have to do some assessing later on if things become too cramped but it is a cool idea and very well done

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    new desk/work area

    thanks yall i hope yall do like what i did.I know i like it.

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    new desk/work area

    Damn . . .that's a man cave you have there . . .

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    new desk/work area

    Nice idea...but where did you clothes go?

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    new desk/work area

    Nice idea...but where did you clothes go?
    Thanks,they went in the spare room that we have and really dont use it and the closet was not being used too so i moved our cloths in there.the tv also have a Hd turner card built in and it also does 1080p.By the way i got this tv for FREE,lol

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