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Thread: (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

    Same here, Happy BDay, hope you got something to mod. :idea:

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

    happy bday mang

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

    Happy b day

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

    lol, Thanks guys. How the heck did you guys even know.

    Yeah I got something to mod. One of my Austin Modders buds Lancer gave me this awesome gift. A Logitech G15 keyboard! stay tuned to see what I do to This!

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

    Ohhhh awesome, I want a new keyboard after I set up my lan...*hard to get funds lmao* either the g15 or the razer tarantula.

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

    wow congrats, nice gift indeed wouldn't hurt if you post a user review before the mod is done

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

    .................................................. ....Happy Birthday Shel!

    What , this makes you about a hundred, right?

    ... cool gift there, can't wait to see what you do with it


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    (late) HAPPY BD SHELDOG23!!!

    happy birthday man

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