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Thread: case feet for razer121

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    case feet for razer121

    Hey guys,

    well i was contacted by razer to make him some feet after he saw the feet i made for my project modularis evolution.

    so i got to making them i was given a basic design to work to and this is what happened.

    The pics kind of speak for themselves.

    I will update this thread with all these done and also with any future feet that i do


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    case feet for razer121

    Your polish job alone is amazing. The black and neon green....superb.

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    case feet for razer121

    nicely done...

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    case feet for razer121

    he there mine :P yay lol thanks again!!! i cant wait to get these here....

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    case feet for razer121

    Thanks guys

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    case feet for razer121

    I've been following your work on your mod with this acrylic color combo. It's great, Josh! Should be really nice feet for Razer's mod.

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    case feet for razer121

    Thanks scirocco

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