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Thread: DarthBeavis Projectlog: Order 66 Redux

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    DarthBeavis Projectlog: Order 66 Redux

    I needed a rig for the BYOC at NVision 2008 and did not want to bring the Skully again . . .so I thought I would rebuild Order 66 to celebrate the new Star Wars movie . . .

    I decided to competely gut the Alienware ALX chassis and rebuild it ala the new VooDoo (IO facing up).

    Here is a shot of the old Order 66 if you guys had not seen it:

    First mod after replacing all the interior hardware was having a window cut:
    Company who did the window used it in their ad:

    At Smooth in 2006:

    Case painted after:

    Early upgrades:


    Another revision:

    Thermaltake block cracked:

    So another upgrade:

    and more:

    and more:

    Anyways, it has been rebuilt many times . . .started out at an ALienware ALX AMD FX55 with SLI 6800 Ultras

    Current stuff:
    Here is is gutted out (cut out the HDD and optical bays, PSU support and mobo tray):

    Next I hope to get to Danger Den to get them to make new inner panels out of UV blue arcylic. I will cut the front and back panels out leaving only a frame so I can attach the outside painted panels. I have a nice SMooth Creations painted PA 120.3 for it already and will use a Bonetrail 2 board and my old QX9650 . . .

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    DarthBeavis Projectlog: Order 66 Redux

    how did i miss this? sweet mod man nice

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