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Thread: Deans pc343x

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    Deans pc343x

    ok guys well here is the start a mod im doing for dean0

    here are the plans:

    Modding: window in both side panels
    radiator grill fitting in roof for 2 black ice rads
    frame powdercoating black
    panels anodised green

    cooling: dean is fitting himself

    so here we go,

    case dismantaled...

    side panels marked out ready for cutting for the windows

    i didnt have one of the rads that he is using (black ice) with me so i just had to make do with a polystyrene model

    then the roof panel all marked up for cutting

    also 5 fan modules arrived today for this mod but i didnt get any pics of them

    thats all for today will be starting on the rad cutouts hopefully tomorrow and will be doing the windows when the acrylic gets here.

    i know i know its been ages and not much has happened but i have been busy with other stuff! but here are some pics of the work

    dont worry thats only masking tape stuck to it not scratches! lol

    i havent got pics of the radgrills mounted yet but they are mounted...

    now all that needs to be done is powdercoating and anodising...

    ok guys my final update on deans case....

    black leatherette powdercoating

    and closeups

    and then the anodising...


    and that my friends is deans pc343x


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    Deans pc343x

    looks sweet, nice one the green and black combo go realy well

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    Deans pc343x

    thanks mate

    p.s i will get your feet done next week

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    Deans pc343x

    ok guys i got the update off my forum where deans build is

    No got any build pics, just final shots (lazy, i know). still got some finishing touches like 2nd 4870 w/b, until its completley finished, for now anyway :P . Enjoy, ill upload some better pics after ive added 2nd w/b.

    Total Number of fans; 15 120mm
    2 40mm

    Loop 1; Res;Pump;Rad1;CPU;Rad2;N/b;Mosfets;S/b;Res
    Loop 2; Res;Pump;Rad3;Gpu1;Gpu2;Res

    I made a smoked black acyrlic cover for the psu, to cover cables etc. Ontop 2 laing DDC ultra with xspc Tops. Underneath each pump there is a hole with 40mm fan, to keep them nice and cool.


    Green Vandal Switch

    N/b S/b and Mosfets all watercooled

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    Deans pc343x

    Pretty Sweet! Looks Damn good!

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    Deans pc343x

    Loving the UV tubing!

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    Deans pc343x

    Yer the colab between me and dean worked out well i like the way he has done the watercooling.


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    Deans pc343x

    see i dont normaly like uv colours...but this just looks sweet

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    Deans pc343x

    That looks great with the two different colours of dye inside. It looks neat, tidy, and not fussy.

    What is the original case called, and where could I get one? Is it basically like two ATX cases wide?

    Great case mate,


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    Deans pc343x

    Thanks guys and britrb it is the lian li pc343 it is available from or you can buy a premodded one off me just pm me


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