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Thread: The motherboard from hell

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    The motherboard from hell

    After much bidding on E Bay to get an Asus A8N32 Deluxe-SLI and 10 days of waiting for USPS delivery service that's suppose to happen in 2-5 days (Hah) I finally got my motherboard this past Saturday afternoon.
    I began installing it into the case and (trying) to route the cable managery.
    Got it all finished, put in the proccy (Opteron 165) and then tried to fire it up for the first time.
    At first it would start up and then shut down imediately. A couple more tries, same thing.
    Then I let it sit for a while and tried again, this time a long and constant beep with no breaks. This went on for the next 5-6 times.
    Checked all my connections, made sure everything was connected properly and then figured it must be something with the processor. Pulled the processor and found 2 very small lines of thermal grease had gottne onto the socket (arrrggg). Cleaned it up as best as possible and then re-installed the processor and fan assembly. One thing I've noticed with AMD type mobo's is the fan clamp does not always come off or go on as easily as it's suppose to. Hence I loosened the screw to the plastic fan reciever assembly on the mobo.
    Bad news, I also forgot to tighten it back down.
    I pushed the power button, it started up without the beep sound and then about 3-4 seconds later a "pop" sound and then a small puff of smoke. Frig I thought to myself and rightly so. I think I blew the processor and at least a part of the mobo. I can't really tell though. I tried the processor in another computer and it (the computer) comes on but nothing on the monitor at all. I'm assuming that pop and puff smoke came from the processor but there's no visible signs of damage at all. The Asus mobo, the connection for the CPU fan doesn't work nor do any of the other fan jumper type pins. I tried (in desperation) to connect the CPU fan to any of the other fan pins and nothing . But I do still get power to the motherboard according to the green LED surface light on the board.

    My 2 months of bidding on 12 different boards resulted in a blown mobo and spent proccy as far as I can tell . Admittedly I was almost in tears after having gone through so much including a record setting time drive down to the post office for them to tell me the USPS tracking number is actually only a delivery confirmation number but it's tracked using that number according to their website. Of course the next day it was delivered which tells me it was at the post office.

    Anyhow it looks like I'm going to have to get another Asus A8N32 Deluxe-SLI mobo as well as another processor.

    I'm hoping the GPU wasn't blown in the process.

    Then of course 2 other computers had issues and luckily I got my old standby back up and running. So, how was everyone elses weekend?

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    The motherboard from hell

    Dude that sucks.

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    The motherboard from hell

    ouch! well, i guess my weekend was not near as bad as yours, though i had stomach probs all weekend. bummer to hear bout your new setup; least u got a backup!? i just built my backup rig this weekend...its not top o' the line, but it is pushing STEAM and BF 2142...
    Got my liquid cooling setup today for my main rig....

    can you warranty your mobo/cpu? were they new? if so, go to and buy a warranty; then, make a claim and get reimbursed! simple! thats where i buy all (well almost) all of my warranties; much cheaper than the stores/manufacturer ext. warranty and a LOT less hassle...

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    The motherboard from hell

    man, that sucks. Sorry dude. Maybe it's time just to go ahead an upgrade to a newer socket now that your stuff is toast.

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    The motherboard from hell

    I won't give full details but a replacement may be in the works as the board was still under warranty. At least then all I have to do is get another processor. I'm actually thinking of staying with the same set-up but inputting an AMD Opteron 180 into the mix to replace the Opteron 165.

    I hate like hell having to deal with E Bay bidding but most times it's hard to beat the prices.

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    The motherboard from hell

    damn ive had something like that happen to me...funnily enough with that board aswell! i was lucky though my cpu was fine, but the mobo was not, i ended up sending i back and the seller on ebay was all ok and just replaced it for me on a side note, i had a great weekend i got totaly out of my face on saturday night, got to see the girl i love, had my daughter on sunday and took some really good photos of her (trying to get her into modeling) and i bought 4 sticks of 1gb xms memory for £40 of id say i had a pretty good weekend...sorry lol but i did, im sure yours will look u though from what i can hear, good luck on that mate

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    The motherboard from hell

    As best as I can tell they're both fried (mobo & processor). However, I did manage through a friend to get an RMA# for the mobo and hopefully within 2 weeks that will be arriving back to be re-installed.

    Budgeting made me go with an AMD Opteron 170 instead of the 180 I originally wanted. It's still dual core though and an even bigger step up from my old Sempron 3200+ compared to the 165 I toasted.

    I'm praying that within 2 weeks I'll be back on here with a flyin rig . I'm still debating on whether to load it up with a full 4 gigs of RAM since about .7 of it isn't even useable. I may simply stay with the 2 gigs I have now.

    For the time being the 900 case is collecting dust an being used as an end table sort of lol. Whoever here is good with main power switches please message me, I want to change out the factory (dull) switch and would like to make sure I do it properly.

    Best to all

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    The motherboard from hell

    Processor numero duo arrived today with the OEM fan and heatsink so all I'm waiting on now is the mobo and then the 2nd GPU which will be added to the first this time. At least this time I won't have to cannibalize my backup rig except for some memory. Unfortunately I got the layoff notice from my last job last week and the funs fell too short for me to grab some Ballistix . The last two items on my ist are :
    1) 22"-24" monitor (preferably HDMI)
    2) 3 Ghz low latency dual channel memory

    With those two items I'll be able to call my build complete. Praying that the mobo and processor workout this time lol. After it's all up and running I'll be able to start planning on my mod >. I've got 3 designs in mind now instead of just two. The latest one though isn't as high a priority as the other two.

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    The motherboard from hell

    sounds like u gots my luck....
    look.... 5438525&p=2 080&bop=And&Order=PRICED&Page=3
    also check ebay...i just bought 2GB matched ballistix for less than $60 shipped! (NIB)
    best of luck bro

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    The motherboard from hell

    Thanks r3dr for the links but I've since decided to spend a little bit of money and picked up 2 x 1Gb sticks of G.SKILL PC3200 DDR 400.

    I saw all of those were DDR2 but as best as I know, my mobo will only accept DDR. I do however appreciate your links very much and I appreciate the fact you took the time to lend a hand. I'm thankful to be able to come to a site like M-I where everyone is here to help each other.

    The 2nd GPU (BFG 8800 GT OC) arrived and I'm now just awaiting the RAM and the mobo to come back from the factory. Apparently I lit it up pretty good despite the lame puff of smoke that escaped (it's already been 2 weeks now despite their claim of 10 day turnarounds). The RAM should arrive either tomorrow or Monday so I'm almost there .

    This weekend I have to reformat my daughters Dell System (Ughhhh) which means searching for half the drivers that Dell refuses to put on the operating disk. Oh well more practice lol. 2nd Dell reformat in 2 weeks but different computers.

    Again, thanks r3dr .

    I hope your 2nd attempt went better than the first since I seem to have your luck LOL.

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