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Thread: More nvidia gpu problems?

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    More nvidia gpu problems?

    Well, it seems nvidia might be having even more problems with their grahics chips if this is accurate.

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    More nvidia gpu problems?

    Hey, what's up Max. Long time no see. Well, I take what the inquirer says with a grain of salt you know. but i'm sure if they do have problems they will bounce back just like ATI did.

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    More nvidia gpu problems?

    Hey sheldog !!! Not much. Been working on a couple of mods I wanted to do and waiting for my NewEgg GC from quakecon, hehe. If that don't sound familar. huh.

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    More nvidia gpu problems?

    hm thats not good, does a gtx260 or 8800 card use those ones...??

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    More nvidia gpu problems?

    I agree with what Sheldog said. I'd salt this story before I bought into it completely.
    There's been a gluttony of bad press releases lately on or against nVIDIA that may or may not be true.
    Having seen everyone under the sun using their products (many of the ones listed) I find it hard to believe that it's nearly as big a problem as is being reported.
    If however, and it's a HUGE "IF", this could very well put them in a very dangerous and precarious position. If the industry reports are true, ATI has been gaining some ground but not at nearly the pace they'd like.
    Personally, I'd not put a lot into the story as it very much appears to be almost contrived or at best biased.

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    More nvidia gpu problems?

    Well, I think there maybe something to this. Recently a couple of customers brought xps notebooks in for repair. After testing and downloaded this new bios which was to fix the problem according to DELL. "which all it did was make the fan run all the time" After contacting Dell Tech it was determined that the mobo's needed replaced. Dell Tech told us that they have had a influx of mobo replacements that they were backordered. The good news was, Dell just outright replaced the notebook in exchange for the old one and oftered a free extended warranty.

    The only thing that concerns me is I recently purchased a new laptop with a 8800gts in it."not Dell" and i'm hope that it is not effected.

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    More nvidia gpu problems?

    I stand corrected MaxPrime, it appears what you reported on was true and now there's a lawsuit in place that indeed does verify some of what had been said at

    Here's the link that talks about the fact both HP AND nVIDIA knew about his for at least 7 months.

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    More nvidia gpu problems?

    And another link talking about the 84 and 86 series prematurely heating as well as the 92 and 94 series also.

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