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Thread: Joker Etch

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    Joker Etch

    Got bored at work the other day so I thought I'd play around with the equipment.

    Made myself a laser etching of the Joker on my case door. Thinking about putting something else cool on the other side.

    pretty cool I think.

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    Joker Etch

    Awesome bro! Beats my sand blasted etching LOL

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    Joker Etch

    Marry me.

    Where do you work, anyway? Shit I wish my job had a laser etcher that I could dick around with at will.

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    Joker Etch

    lol @ no fan of it but that is just plain awesome, it looks real cool the way it fades with the lights, nice one

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    Joker Etch

    Well a couple of the guys at work wanted one of these so I went ahead and made them some smaller versions. about 5x7" or so. I decided I'd experiment and I back painted one Dk. Green and the Other black before I etched it. It turned out fantastic.

    This one got a bit messed up.

    With the painting it doesn't really make a good window for seeing through. It would however make a good window for back lighting and if you have something behind that you don't really want to see too much of. It's still transparent where I etch off the paint just not "clear"

    Just for fun I printed out a vinyl wrap for the door on the other side to match. I doubt I'm going to take this all the way and do an entire "joker" mod. who knows though. If I do I'll have to move this thread.

    larger version

    well, thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed it.

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    Joker Etch

    thats friggin cool, I'd like that over one of my shop windows

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    Joker Etch

    Wow! very very cool Shell

    It's always fun to be able to play around with advanced (and expensive) equipment

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    Joker Etch

    Wow, that is really awesome. How long did each of those etches take? And does it make legitimate shades of gray, or does it do shading by making little dots (forgot the term)? And how long did the vinyl thing take to print? Do they need funky file types/formatting, or do you just stick in a jpg? I've never worked with that kind of equipment and I'm curious.

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    Joker Etch

    The laser etching is done in greyscale. But is 600dpi greyscale so it's really really smooth. It took about 10minutes to setup the artwork, about 5 minutes to paint and then about 30 minutes to etch. I went over it twice to deepen the etch. Usually makes it look more 3-D.

    The print is just a regular ol' wallpaper I found on the net. The printers work just like a home printer just on a larger scale. It can print straight AI or PS file too though. The images for printing have to be pretty high resolution if you want them to look good. I think that one was 1600x1200 which isn't bad for that small of size. If there was more detail in the image a larger resolution would have been better. We ask for 300dpi images if we can.

    Printing takes about 10 minutes to print, another 10 to overlaminate with a clear UV protective film and about another 10 to apply to the side door. Had to remove the latches and then put them back on after I was done.

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    Joker Etch

    My son wanted one for his computer too since my other son got a whole modded Shark case I figured a case window was the least I could do. : )

    So he decided on ghost rider and I whipped this thing up. His case doesn't have any lights yet so I just back lit it with a orange t-shirt behind it. I'll probably go with red or orange lighting so it will look fairly close to this anyways.

    Fan detail.

    Ghost Rider detail.

    here are some high res images if you would like to see

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