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Thread: Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    Ok, I have ordered this I have to say that it is one expensive case.

    I also went to my local garage and talked to the guy incharge of the spray bay. It turns out that he needs to see the case before he can quote me, but the guy seemed very interested in case modding in general and very keen to have a look at this "cube" case. After paying £250 for a box which I am going to cut up and paint, I am too!! It seemed a very positive meeting and I feel that he will do a good job. (I'll plug the garage later )

    The only other thing I ordered was a HDD caddy (you have to as the case dosnt come with any HDD slots!! I know, I cant believe it either!!) HDD slot linky winky woo!!

    I must also confess to being a very hungover soldier today. I got soooo drunk last night I was listening to Iron Maiden at top volume till 0200. I'm not sure but I think my next door neighbour was banging on the wall. All I am sure of though is that I have a banging headache today! Not to mention a very small bank balance!! 0-0

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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    Hey mate you do know that its pc 343b not x the x on my build for dean was for the name.... lol

    looking forward to seeing what you get done


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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    I'll change the title

    I only put the X there as I cant think of a name yet :lol:

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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    damn alot of money into a case should be intresting for sure at that price! have you got a colour choice?

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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    I'm still deciding mate, it'll take a while for me to make my cuts and drill the holes that I'll need. I'm going to have to wait for 2 weeks until I get paid again so that I can buy some of the watercooling kit that I need to take measurements from. I'm getting impatient already!!

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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    what do you need measurements of i can get you them now....


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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    Well, its placement aswell as measurement. I want to see what the reservoirs look like on the top, and the radiators on the sides. I am also thinking of mounting the pumps in the front right pannel on their sides.

    I'll order one complete water cooling set in a few weeks, and work out where I want stuff

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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    ah ok kl well if you need any dimensions in the mean time just lemme know


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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    Its arrived

    This case is huge! But is is surprising how light it is. I think that my currant case is at least twice the weight empty. I cant wait for the rest of my orders to arrive as I got told about a place a few miles away that customise bikes and have their own artists, they also want their computers networked so we can come to a deal . It looks like my local garage wont be needed sorry guys...

    Next step, planning placement of the water cooling system, windows, HDD cage, ordering more parts, etc.

    Have fun all,


    P.S. I still need a theme name for the case, but still don't know what colours I want it... Something watery? I don't know...

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    Brian's PC-343 (Found a name and theme)

    .hmmm..... Poseidon ... ... good quick source on the ol boy.

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